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jsut found out one of my best friends is pregnant


We have always said we wanted babies together and there is 5 days between us!!!!!!

just had to share my excitement i feel like im going to burst!!!!!!!!!!



  • oh wow is that good news or what.


  • Oh wow, having babies together!!

    18+6 x
  • Thats wonderful honey now you can both go through this together is this her first?

    One of my best friends has fallen and she is 13 weeks behind me and two of my other best friends are now TTC as well image Babies everywhere.

    K xx
  • thats awesome steph, you have a preg buddy and someone for your child to play with too.

    I went to a wedding of an old friend when I was 8 weeks pregnant and insisted that she breed immediately as what was the wait, hurrah she's due ten weeks after me!
  • I'm pregnant at the same time as two of my best friends, its ace! My friend in the states is further along than me, but my oldest friend from school is also pregnant and theres only 6days between us, its insane. But I love that we can talk about what we're going through at the same time =)

  • That's fantastic, congratulations, it's lovely having someone so close to share the experience with you!
  • I know exactly how you feel one of my best mates is a month behind me and its so special.
  • awww congrats to your best m8, my cuz has just found out she's pg again mind she's only about 3-4wks atm and i'm the ONLY person other than her OH she's told! she wants to wait till shes had her 12wk scan first, so i was dead chuffed and honoured that she thought to tell me!!! image just pray she doesn't get pre-eclampsia again!

  • wow thats great news! must be lovely having someone to go through your whole pregnancy with xx
  • yeah it is good i have a sister in law and a cousin pregnant at the same time as me we all due days apart from each other, my cousin due 14th july me on 18th july and SIL 21st july its great the family is loving all the summer babies
  • my twin sister is due 13 days after me!! hehe we spent last fri phoning our big brothers and freaking them out such fun image
  • My best mate (Mummy Cat) is 5 weeks in front of me.. but with her last she was two weeks over and I was started 3 weeks early! lol so watch this space! I love it our children will be the same age! x
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