is this the end?

Hi everyone

had an awful night last night. have been light bleeding/spotting for two weeks now and two scans showed up a small area of haemorrage but nothing to worry about. this was on thurs. on sat i started bleeding red blood (again they said this might happen) then had 2 hours of period pains on sat night becoming more and more frequent then suddenly stopped. same pains kicked in again following night then started to bleed more heavily. lost lots of small clots and 4-5 larger ones (about 3cm diameter). was utterly distraught. bleeding much calmer today although still there with smaller clots. still have some pains but different. got an appointment at epu for another scan tomorrow afternoon.

anyone got any ideas?



  • Really sorry to hear ur having a terrible time, i cnt really offer any advise as im lucky enough to have never experienced this, however jus wanted to wish u gud luck for ur scan tomorrow and im sure everything will be fine. Kerry xxx

  • Not sure honey - I had a mmc last year and didn't get any bleeding whatsoever until around 14 weeks, which is when I passed the bits.

    I did have bleeding in the early stages of this pg with cramping but didn't pass any clots so I'm not sure if this makes a difference or not.

    Fingers crossed for tomorrow though, let us know how you get on.

  • Post withdrawn at user's request

  • i'm 7 +1 and scan on thurs showed heartbeat at 6+3
  • Sorry hun I can't give any advice but wanted to say I hope everything goes ok tomorrow xx
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