i feel like the very hungry caterpiller! :lol:


well today (so far) i have had 2 slices of toast, a glass of fresh orange juice, another slice of toast, a pink lady apple, a packet of mini salt and vinegar snack a jacks, 4 digestive biscuits and cheese, a glass of dr pepper and a packet of crisps and........


:lol: image :roll:

I'm gonna be MASSIVE!!!!!

I lost half a stone at the beginning of my pregnancy due to morning (all day) sickness and could hardly eat anything except dry toast. BUT now since the sickness has gone i am soooooooo hungry all the time, eek and i've put that back on plus a few more pounds!

I'm starting mother and toddler swimming next week and am looking into pregnancy yoga for exercise but am totally stressing i'm going to get huge and struggle to loose the weight. I put on 3 stone with my son and i did loose it pretty quickly due to breastfeeding but i promised myself i wouldn't put that much on this time...... :roll:





  • I've been the same since the early stages of my pregnancy - I'm due in 2 weeks now - I just can't seem to feel full whatever I eat, or if I do I am hungry again 30 mins later!
  • yup, me too. very hungry all the time, i actually am getting bored of trying to think of things to eat and then making stuff to eat. when the hunger strikes, i can't possibly wait for the toaster/microwave, must eat NOW!!! so am very naughty and enjoy lots of crisps, tee hee!!!
  • I've got a really sweet tooth - I mainly crave biscuits, cakes, apple pie etc but also - cheese!
  • I was just thinking this myself... this week i seem to be hungry constantly so far today i have eaten...
    2 slices of toast with butter, 2 weetabix with milk, 2 cups of tea, 3 large glasses of water, 2 poached eggs with toast and 2 spoonfuls of baked beans, and an orange!
    I've come on here to keep me busy so i dont keep eating! I know what you mean about the weight.. i put on 3 stone when pg with erin last year, still had half a stone to lose and got pg again, so i'm going to have to work extra hard after this little man arrives. x
  • I've only had cornflakes so far .... But I'm not v. well at the moment.

    I've only put on 2 stone if that but I've been eating constantly too! Especially chocolate, mmmmm!!! Oh god and I really want poached eggs and beans now. Might go and make something nice, cheer myself up a bit. xxx


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