Big suprise!

Hi everyone!

Well about 7 weeks ago i found out i was about 6 weeks pregnant, i went to the doctors and had it confirmed, then i had to wait for a couple of weeks for the midwife to contact me. In the meantime i was having pains that at the time i didnt know were normal. So i went to my local early pregnancy unit, i had a scan, i was told everything was ok and they sent me home! The next day i started bleeding, it was quite a lot, this went on for about 5 days or so, allthough it was only heavy for a day or so! I was convinced that id lost it, i didnt go to the hospital as i was sick of being poked and prodded, and decided to go in a week or so when i was ready as i was really upset! but in that week or so i really didnt feel myself, i wasnt in pain or anything but none of the symptoms seemed to go away, i was still feeling sick, i just put it down to the " the afteraffects" haha, its my first time! But i kept putting the hospital off (really stupid, i know), but everything seemed to be ok, i wasnt in pain, everything seemed normal down below!
But last week i was supposed to come on and i didnt so i did 4 pregnancy tests and they all come out positive! I couldnt beleive it! I was convinced id lost it! I rang the hospital the following day and spoke to one of the midwives, she didnt seem worried at all she evn used the word lovely about the situation, and my midwife was on holiday until the following week but she said shed get her to call me! She didnt tell me to go to the hospital or anything so theres obviously nothing to worry about! I cant beleive it, i was so convinced that id lost it, and here i am! its such a shock!
Im waiting for the phonecall today.


  • wow thats 1 fighter your cooking there! I'd die if that happened to me. i'd be devestated. Bloody good news though! that means your past your first trimester! your in the safety zone so to speak now! Tasha's lil one hang in there we're all routing for you "go lil bean!!!!"
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