2 days to go ahhhhh!!

it just doesnt feel real!!! im so excited but scared at the same time!!

i know it could be 10 days over before needing induced (AGAIN!) but still, the time is very very near!!

it is so scary to know that another wee child will be here very soon. i think i am in a dream, it all doesnt feel real, when i think about it too much it scares me lol!...mostly the pain factor, but im sure ill cope, did it before and managed to get thru it.

not been on here for a few days, and came on today and saw the 2 days to go on my ticker !!!

hubbie is off work now for 4 weeks so the time will pass by quicker now and we will go wee trips every day and just keep busy. i cant believe it felt so little time ago that i was sitting here on this forum with 100 plus days to go and now its just 2 !!!

oh wish me luck girls!!!xxx



  • good luck hunny hope baby arrives quickly xxxxxx oh and painlessly xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Gooooood Luck hun.....I know exactly how you feeling as I'm due next Friday.....

    It still dosn't seem real even tho its sooo close....

    Keep us posted on any movement etc.....

    Katie and bambino.x x x
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