what does this mean in my notes?

Under 'engaged' the MW wrote 4/5 pulpable. What does that mean???


  • When the widest diameter of the head enters the mother's pelvis, the head is engaged. Descent is measured in fifths. If you can feel the whole head when examining the mother's abdomen, it is 5/5ths palpable. If you cannot feel any of the head, it is 0/5ths palpable. The head must be engaged at 0/5ths, 1/5th, or 2/5ths palpable.

    4/5 palpable means that only a fifth of the head has entered the pelvis, so it has not yet engaged.
  • Very good explaination nicospoon, I knew what it meant but didn't want to confuse anyone with my rubbish explanation. Kerry xxx
  • Well, I will actually admit to cheating...google is fab for finding answers! So much easier to copy and paste than to explain in own words :lol: Lol! I'm cheeky!
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