just ate a whole pack of jaffa cakes

omg i feek sick now. there was nobody here to take them off me lolimage


  • bless ya! lol! :lol: I did that yesterday, had huge McDonald's but couldn't resist finishing it off with double caramel magnum! boy did i reget it!
  • I'll have them image
    JAffa cakes rock I'm very jealous
  • Ooh jaffa cakes - hmmmmmmmm!! xx


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  • lol - oooh, I love jaffa cakes - can't buy them though at the moment as I'm the same - I've just wolfed down two hot cross buns = lol - must find some willpower!!!!! she says LOL
  • Ha ha ha, thats so funny! I really sympathise with u tho I ate a 250g milky bar yesterday while i was sat in on my own, and felt dreadfully sick afterwards. Now ur punishment is to run up and dwn the stairs a few times, ha ha ha, that'll make u think twice b4 doing it agen, lol. Kerry xxx

  • i keep telling myself there is only 1 gram of fat in th whole packet ( like the advert on telly, yeah i know its per cake he he) omg im a greedy sod
  • A girl after my own heart!!! I even packed some in my hospital bag in case i get hungry during / after labour but took them out last night after packing something else and now ive opened them and eaten some (not a whole pack though). Oops.

    Love jaffa cakes - Aldi ones are the best i think!
  • its our babies that make us eat them
  • I'm still not eating properly due to nausea but when Im better watch out Jaffa cakes!
    Found out today I have lost just under a stone!

  • since its confession time yesterday I ate a whole packet of kitkats..bought them for hubby to have in his lunch for work and ate one, then another, then another and then I was so ashamed i'd eaten that many i thought i may as well finish them off...
    I didn't actually feel sick after wierdly, which made me feel even worse about it. I am going to be the size of a house by the time i give birth!!!!Agghhh!!!xx
  • I must admitt as yet I haven't got too bothered about eating-though I'm sure my time will come!!! And when it does it will not be me that wants to eat it all-it'll be the baby-it needs it honest!!! lol!
  • I like eating pickled onions which makes me very popular with him indoors! x
  • I break out in a rash if there isnt smarties in the house, my record so far is 8 tubes in one evening and no I didnt feel sick afterward I could have kept going if my husband hadnt stopped me. I wont even buy jaffa cakes as I know I couldnt eat just some it would have to be the whole pack, they are lush. Dont feel guilty girls, just think of all those years of denying ourselves and hey, we've got to make up the calories we are missing from alcohol!!
  • I love smarties, especially the orange ones,am gonna have to get sum 2moro! i agree bout makin up the extra calories we're missing from alcohol. I'm awful at the mo, can't jst have 1 choc bar it ends up bein a couple! Oh well only a couple more months to go then i'll start bein a bit better.
  • i bet i could eat that giant jaffa cake lol. i must confess after i ate that packet of jaffa cakes i went and ate another. ive only really been craving extra food for the past week or so, im glad ive only got 2 weeks left lol xx
  • Hey I've just eaten a whole pack of sweet chilli kettle chips and its only 10am!! xx
  • mmmm sweet chilli. good on ya girl xx
  • I've just bought a 3-pack of jaffa cakes. I picked up a tube in the shop but knew if I bought them I would scoff the lot. I figured 3 won't do any harm!!!! xxxx


  • they will do you good
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