So uncomfortable...

My bump is so achey today, it feels like I have an upset stomach is this likely to be all my inside organs being squashed?? I know that baby has changed positions as had a private scan on Sun so was advised then of breech position as apose to laying across.

It also keeps going hard, I had this on Monday then yesterday I felt alright but again today im really uncomfy again.

Could I be having BH? I have read posts about them but im not entirely sure. I've also read about your stomach muscles going and that can hurt.

Anyone know anything I can do for some releif as finding it hard to manouvere (sp).

Half my trouble is I still think of myself as being early on in pg when really i'll be hitting the 3rd trimester very soon!!! Thinks I need to start getting my head round how quick it's going!!!!

Thanks Ladies


  • Hi sweety.. as you know we are due o the same day..

    I am experiencing exactly the same discomfort every day now, I thik it is braxton hicks, it feels like my tummy is as tight as a drum across the top and middle and baby is very active too so I'm not sleeping.

    I find that a bit of light yoga or getting on all fours and pushing your arms forward like a yoga cat stretch does the trick and moves baby when I'm uncomfortable.

    I feel like I have an upset tummy too, I was really constipated last night and tummy was doing somersaults, its gone the other way today, I think its partly to do with the fact your organs are all squashed.. its perfectly normal, and I feel the same as you and sometimes think good grief i've got another 3 months of this.. get well soon. X maybe speak to your midwife about breech. X
  • Hi Hun

    Thank's for replying, im so glad that im not the only one experiencing this!! Sorry dont mean that in a glad your uncomfy too way just that im not alone!

    I think I will try the stretches they sound like a good move. The tightness you describe is exactly as I am feeling & baby is also very active so not sleeping to well also when I try & move into a different position I forget that I cant do it as quickly as before so that doenst help!.

    Sonographer said breech is ok for now as plenty of time for baby to move, I will see when I can start on the ball as I get worried about baby getting too big & not being able to change positions even though I know that they do at the last minute!!

    I am also going from one extreme to the other with the loo business!!!

    My mum said that baby's position may be why im suffering so badly with indigestion as well, I get really bad acid reflux doesnt matter what I take to help it!!!

    Thanks again sweetiexx
  • Bless you!! I find that baby is active all day but by 4pm my tumy is really tight, I go home and get a bath straight away, then have an early night, I too find I can't change positions, but am struggling to get comfy so I sleep well.

    I find I'm up all night needing to pee, and horlicks helps, the only thing you can do is take a few paracetamol and try to relax, my hubby is very understanding so I'm lucky, but I wake up in the morning shattered, and know that its gonna be constant change and growing for the next few months! Really hope that you are ok, I too am getting indegestion, I literaly drink bottles of gaviscon. The birthing balls are good, maybe have a go, or go swimming if you get chance.

  • Thanks hun,

    Yes have been meaning to go swimming but not had the time, I think I will have to make time though!!

    I've just got myself a hotwater bottle as hips are aching!! Baby is def on the move again I think as everything feels like it's stretching LOL!! And at the moment bump feels constantly hard!!

    I work from home so I've taken a paracetamol, got a cuppa & some custard creams & catching up on my sky plus, also have one tab open with work which is quite today & the other with BE!!

    I think this is practise for us, we have to get used to being tired for the nxt 18 years LOL!! xxx
  • Have a lovely day hun, I'm in the thick of a massive marketing campaign at work.. boo! X
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