elimination communication/infant potty training

I'm just wondering - has anyone ever thought of trying this, or tried this?


We are thinking of giving it a go, as it does make sense - but then when baby has to go to nursery when I go back to work I dunno if they'd keep it up. As far as i know it should be possible to potty train kids early - my friend tells me she was potty trained at 9 months old cause her mum had had enough of changing nappies!


  • I watched a programme about it, well a programme that had some bits about it when I was bored before I was preg. I think it must be good as it teaches them early when they need to go and where to go! it sounds weird but sometimes I feel sorry for babies having to wear nappies, it cant be pleasant lol.
    It's a good idea to try it but it would be better if you could find a local support group but from that programme I watched they are only in the states. Also I guess it depends when you want to go to work, or if you want your child to go to nursery. In my area a child HAS to be 'dry' by the time it attends playgroup (age 2) or nursery (age 3) but my friends mum is a teaching assistant in a primary school an she says some of the kids are still in nappies cos their parents are just lazy!
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  • I came across it first from americans, but the link I posted I actually got from our local councils website in with the stuff about reusable nappies. I think its a big thing amongst some americans, but then - unassisted homebirths appear to be popular with some people there too..which scares me!

    I feel sorry for babies wearing nappies too - especially in summer which is the one thing that bothers me with wanting to use bulky reusables in summer..I'm sure it must get really hot.

    I think you are right - some parents are just lazy..hey wait aminute..I just reread and kids are in nappies at primary school!! Wtf!! Thats just ridiculous!! I'm not sure that all kids are ready to be dry by age 2 to be honest - but I've not been involved with many potty training of kids - the girl I work with didn't get her son out of nappies till 3 1/2 cause she said he wasn't ready - she tried him and left him and tried again when she was off on maternity leave. No way I still want to be changing nappies when my boy is 3 1/2 though!!!

    I'll have to be putting baby in childcare from 11 months when I go back to work so I'm assuming that they will be expecting to deal with nappies - it just more seems a waste to go to the trouble of getting baby used to peeing in a potty when you can recognise the signs of him wanting to go and then have a childcare place not wanting to mess. It'd only confuse the baby!

    I'm not big on support groups and all that stuff to be honest..I'll be happy with baby and a potty at home just trying to see if we can get this to work by ourselves.

  • Yep primary school thats right! Horrible image Although I agree some kids take a while to be ready.
    If that information was from your local council then there might be a nursery familiar with it. You would probably have to go round a lot of nurseries/childminders but I think that's the same for anyone.
  • I'm sure the teachers love that..having to change 5 year olds nappies!!!

    There are 2 nurseries very close to me which I was planning on calling when i'm on maternity leave- cause i know they can only have so many kids under 1 so I figured it was worth getting in there early - so I'll mention it to them when I go see them. I'm assuming they'll be expecting prospective clients to want to visit anyway - cause I do!!
  • My mum had me potty trained at 1 1/2 years old. We were travelling to Canada for my uncles wedding and she thought it would be easier not to have me in nappies and it worked. She used to sit me on the potty from around 6 months old and I think it was learned behaviour but she had to stick at it.
  • My mum used to sit me on the potty too from 6 months old...that was back in 1967!!! As soon as mine could sit up unaided I would sit them on the potty, and of course the summer is a great time to do it...out in the garden, no nappy on and a couple of potty's dotted around!

    After house training a great dane, believe me I will have this little one sorted in no time lol !!!!!

  • Hm..maybe I'll just try with sitting baby on the potty so he gets used to it then.. I figure the sooner baby gets used to it the easier it'll be - I've heard enough people say that boys are harder to potty train than girls!

    I'm sure y ou'll have your lo sorted cally... in fact - once she;s all sorted can you come round and train the stupid dog next door not to bark all the time please??
  • I hate barking dogs Kia! Our Dane used to be a nightmare as he was all bravado and would stand there barking at any hikers going past our place - but he would have a pink fluffy cushion with him - big gay dog!!! Luckily it seems to have got much better, and only tends to bark when another dog goes past and it is more of a couple of warning barks then he stops.

    No this probably isn't very politically correct, but have you tried a water pistol on the dog next door?
  • Not sure where I read it but I read somewhere that before a certain age you couldn't potty train a child because it was an involuntary reaction. The message to go for a week went to the bladder to the spine or something and didn't get as far as the brain. No idea if this is true or what age things start linking up. You would think that it was more a case of teaching them what it feels like when they need a wee so they can go to the toilet. Hmmm, guess I will find out soon enough!!
    Have you seen the toilet training balls you can get for boys Kia? Supposed to make going to the loo more of a game and help them to aim better so they don't pee all over the seat and floor every time!! Only works for wees though unfortunately! =p
  • haha cally - the image of a big dog with a pink cushion is great!! I'm tempted by a water pistol but it'd be kind of obvious cause I'd have to lean right out of the back bedroom window to hit the stupid mutt! At the moment i'm trying to log all the barks (failing miserably in evenings at the moment) and swearing at the dog loudly if it barks when I go outside. I think myn eighbours are just idiots who are incapable of training the dog tbh! I'm tempted by those sound gun things i've seen that are supposed to shut dogs up but again it might be a bit obvious and ??20 Ic ould spend on baby instead!!

    Liz- as far as I understood it..that was what potty training was about -teaching htem what it feels like to need a wee and then weeing on the potty!! I did read that a newborn has no bladder control at all and can wee 20 times a day - I'm sure we'll both have the fun of that soon!!!

    i'd forgotten about those toilet training balls.. its a clever idea but i know what my friends are like and I'd end up with them (and hubby no doubt) all having a go and then I'd have a bathroom full of pee!!!
  • lol, I now have an image of a load of men trying to pee in the toilet at the same time and hit the training balls!! =p

    Maybe you could have a score chart on the bathroom wall too!! lol!!
  • Liz..I'm never letting my mates talk to you..you'd encourage them too much - they'd so be up for that.. well...maybe not for peeing in the toilet at the same time - i'm told thats bad man etiquette being near another peeing bloke!!

    May be worth suggesting the training balls to drunk blokes though - might help them aim better! Hmm maybe I'll suggest it to my mate who's a pub manager - they have some icky messes to clean up in toilets at times!
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