Really uncomfortable

Hey Ladies, I hope you are all well image

Since about 10 this morning I have had what can only be described as uncomfortable period pains they are coming every 10 to 15 mins and lasting about 1 minute, they started when I was in a meeting and I have had to excuse myself because I couldn't concentrate I thought maybe it was happening cos the chairs are really hard in there so I'm now back at my own desk but they still seem to be coming. Lo has moved around a little today but not as much as normal but not too worried about that as he does have quiet days.

Do you think my body could be having a practise for the really thing - like I said they don't really really hurt but it's enough pain to notice.

Ohhhh and I'm 36 weeks today image

xx :\?


  • Sounds like it might be something, ohhhh how exciting. Keep an eye on it and keep timings, if its practice it should go off and not be to regular so keep timing. let us know what comes of it!
  • I would contact your midwife sounds like it could be the onset of labour, my mw says anything that shows a pattern suggests it could be the real thing

    Mel xxx
  • Ohhhhh interesting I will keep an eye on things and see what happens hopefully they will die off as I promised my mother I wouldn't give birth until she got back off of holiday on the 4th June lol

    Might go and get myself a bar of chocolate that should help lol.

  • hiya im 39 +1 weeks bout at bout 36 +4 i started having period pains, like what ur describing, coming evry 10-15 mins, but they stopped about 2 days later, although im still getting crampy period like backache. I asked mw who said that ur body can do this to prepare. But u could be in early stages hun, if ur concerned call mw, sorry couldnt help more xx let us know how it goes xx
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