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bit concerned but don't know if i'm worrying about nothing

i THINK i first felt baby move about 4 days agoand again yesterday ( kind of like a little patch of pins and needles on one side of my stomach is the only way i can describe it) which i guess is good but i woke up on my back this morning and have no idea how long i was like that for. My MW did tell me when i asked at booking app that if there starts being a problrm with my circulation of something i would wake myself up or move automatically but no one else seems to have been told this so i dunno how reliable that is. I've never heard baby's HB yet although it says on my notes that they definately saw one at 12 wk scan. I dont have another scan until 9th April but noW i'm worried i might have caused a problem. My bump isnt very big so i dont know whether that makes a difference to the risk. Is baby supposed to move again today now i've felt it or will i just have to wait the 9 days to know? Is there anything i can do?


Liz 19 weeks today


  • When you first start having feelings they re not regular at all and it maybe a few days inbetween so please try not to worry. Lying on your back at night is not advise but is not going to cause a major problem especially at this stage. Your midwife is right you would rouse yourself and move if it was causing circulation probs.

    try not to worry and enjoy those early movements! image
  • thanks maximum+1 I need to stop being such a worrier! I think its driving OH a bit mad. So its ok if baby doesnt move for a while at the moment?

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  • Don't worry!!! (I always used to worry about this) You should ideally lie on your side, but at 19 weeks you won't be putting that much pressure on your back. As long as you go to sleep on your side and if you wake up on your back, turn yourself over before you go back to sleep,everything will be fine. As you get bigger you'll find it easier to sleep on your side and you'll find that you don't roll on your back anyway.

    Also, you won't feel your baby move every day at this point, so don't worry about that either.

    Just think only 9 days until you see your baby again!

    H xx

  • The baby still will be moving just you won't necessarily feel it all the time as it is still very small so don't expect to feel things every day for a little while yet! image
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