i want my bump! when did you start to show?

hello everyone
godddddd!!! i am so impatient :lol: i cant wait another second for my little bump to pop out! it only looks noticable if ive eaten loads all day. im 12 1/2 weeks and only a size 8 but am dying for some curves and my bump lol

when did you all start to show?

shaz (and teeny weeny bump)



  • wow! if i get too big ill tip over lol. just cant wait to start looking pregnant. my mum had nothing till around 20 weeks with me and my sister, put on NO weight except bump and had no stretch marks!!! lucky moo!! hope she passed on those genes!
    aww hope your bump doesnt get TOOOOO big image

  • due 9th aug! cant wait. your 2 weeks ahead of me, we'l have lovely summer babies! awwwww!
    o noo, have you bought one of those special pillows to rest your bump on? i find if i cant get comfy i just stick a pillow under my belly.
    im definitly starting to get something ther....or maby it was all the chip butties ive just scoffed?? lol
    congrats to you too!
  • My bump started showing at about 15 weeks, it was quite big, but it wasn't big enough for anyone to really notice I was pregnant until about 20 weeks ish. (It's my first.) I felt like you did, desperate to start showing and now I am I'm sooo glad. It sounds weird but I love showing it off and having people look at me in the street. Despite the fact I suspect my little boy is going to be huge, it doesn't feel that heavy, however I have noticed stretch marks despite using cocoa butter!
    Philippa 26+4 xxx
  • yeh true, o well, at least we'll have alot of the summer to relax and sun ourselves! hope its a gud 1 this year.
    go to the chippy and get your butties lol, i can only eat what i reeeeeealy fancy at the moment, want more now!! hahaha

    phillipa - aww so chuffed for you showing off your bump lol, thatl be me "yeh look at me ive got a baby in here!" congratulations
  • Hey shazlnx i was pre pg size 8 and i started to show at about 16 weeks!!! My bumps huge now i cant imagine being without it lol
    I also have no stretch marks YET!!!!!
  • i started to show at 14 weeks ish i think, thats when people started asking if i was or not anyway lol,
    i didnt show with my first till 20weeks and i just looked like id ate to many pies then lol.
    i just have a huge round bump with this one havent put any waight on anywhere else that i can tell i was a size12-14 before pregnancy.


  • hopefully those stretchmarks STAY AWAY from all of us. in the new prima baby mag thers a page on how to help prevent them. ive just used a moisturiser twice a day and will just keep fingers crossed towards the end....or breath in constantly haha
    MUMMYCARA - have you put much weight on? id like to put some on as ive never been able to in the past.
  • Shazlnx,

    yeah i have put quite abit of weight on all over about 2 stone,i love it tho never really had big boobs or a bum before!!! Im sure i wont have a prob sifting it once shes here. Mind you my cravings been chocolate which i didnt eat before i hope it disappears after labour!!! lol
  • orrr how awful. my friend was told that after her last child that she wont be able to carry another baby, yet shes expecting her next one any day now so ive got my fingers crossed for your friend.
    i ate loads the other day and felt so sick and bloated but just kept on munching on things! strange.

    nikki84 - aww your scan pic is amazing id love one of those!
  • and yours tigerlilly!! image
  • MUMMYCARA - yeh thats like me ive been skinny forever and would love some extra curves, ive been craving sayers cream cakes and today i was so gutted because theyd run out of ice buns and i didnt have enough petrol to get to asda! i was in such a sulk image ive never really liked choc as it gives me headaches but have found myself dipping into the celebrations tin left over from xmas........
  • Hello,
    I started showing at about 14weeks and suddenly its gone mental! I am now 19 weeks and i love 8months pregnant its gone really hard and big!
    It will happen really quickly believe me thats what happened to me its lovely knowing your little one is growing in there.
    Let us know when the bump arrives (i mean starts showing)
  • Bump started about 19 weeks. Am 25 weeks now and bump is noticeable but not too huge. Think i am just going to get huge tho...
  • Well girls, I've never had a belly in my life!! I am tall and slim, but my belly popped out around 8 weeks!! Haven't put weight on anywhere else. My waist has thickened already and I have a perfect shaped bump, and I'm only 11 weeks!! It worries me that it's like this so early on as I'm sure it's not normal with a first pregnancy right? Even if I try and suck it in, it doesn't do anything! I must admit, I don't actually like it! When my sister was preggers, she didn't show any sign of a bump until the last couple of months!! Although she is quite short and I am quite tall!
    I'm off out today to buy some new clothes as nothing fits me and it's depressing!!
  • Hi there, hate to disappoint you but I am 20 weeks and still no noticable bump, believe me I can't wait to have one though, feel as though I have just ate all the pies at the moment! LOL. Suppose it will come when its ready though! Good luck with your pregnancy.
  • I have been quite lucky with weight gain and am only 7lbs bigger than my pre-pregnancy weight. However I did lose 9lbs in the first trimester so really I have put on about a stone. I'm actually really panicking what I'm going to look like after the birth, I was a size 14 pre pregnancy and rly dont wanna be any bigger than that. I'm not bothered about stretch marks though, think I'm the only one!

    Yeah you should have a 4d scan, they are amazing. xxx
  • We are 19+1 and huge! Been in maternity since about week 10 but couldn't tell you when I started to 'show'. Am quite a small size 10 and even though I'm so big just now...Not a stretch mark in sight image x
  • hi babe im the same i really can't wait to have a lil bump to hold on to, my hips are very swolen and sore ive gone from a size 10 to fourteen instantly over the past 3 monthss, but like you i only seem to 'bump out' after a long day and eating like you said. im 16weeks now due 10th july.
  • I didn't start to show really until i was nearlly 24 weeks! i was so annoyed by the time i around 16-20 weeks because although i could tell my tummy was a little bigger and rounder, no one else could! People would be really surprised when i told them how far along i was. I remember when i was about 32 weeks i had just missed my bus and obviously couldn't run for it, a girl behind me asked me why i didn't run and i just looked down at my bump, she said sorry and then asked how far a long i was and when i told her she was shocked and said 'sorry only look few months gone'!!!!! I did love having my bump when it finally came. image
  • I was a size 8 and now at 16 weeks I can still fit into my size 8 jeans. Some days my bump is obvious other days it isn't. People can't really tell unless I wear a 'tight' top. I have put on 4lb so far...my mum never had stretch marks with me or my sister so hopefully I won't! It does worry me about my weight after the birth as I have always been lucky and slim. But with a summer baby I plan lots of walks with the pushchair, fingers crossed for sunny weather!!!
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