Whats been your best bargain!!??

Hi Girls

I have been obsessed recently with finding all the best bargains for my baba, I find it such a joy!!

So far my friends have lent me a swinging crib with bedding, bumbo, jumperoo and other bits and pieces, my best bargain buy has been a fisher price rainforest open-top baby swing and baby bjorn carrier for ??20 (from a lovely mum local to me on netmums) and a M&P Barnaby Buttons baby vibrating bouncer for ??7 from Netmums.

Its amazing the things that you can get for a great price, I'm not a snob and don't mind getting thngs that have been pre-loved, I am chuffed to bits, hopefully my bartering and bargaining skills will continue.

What have been your best bargains??? XXX


  • I got a vibrating bouncer chair from our local market for ??5! I'm like you im not snobby and dont see point paying ??40-50 for something that will hardly fit the lo!

    I got a swinging crib and moses basket from a local mum for ??25 x
  • I am the same, I don't have a problem with using second hand stuff, there is absolutely nothing wrong in it!

    My best bargain is probably my Mamas and Papas moses basket which my friend gave me - complete with a load of baby grows!

    Also, the same friend sold me her Quinny with car seat etc for ??150.

    I got a baby bath in the Asda event for ??2, as it had a tiny little crack at the top of it - doesn't stop it working!
  • loving the bargains girls!!! I just can't see the point of skinting yourelf buying everything brand new.. we have got a few new things, cot, matress, changing table, travel system, bath and nursery bits, but I think you can go crazy and spend a fourtune.. Its not like the expense stops either!! X
  • I'm the same, have bought new cot, travel system,bath but other than that i dont see point!!

    I have picked up a lot of second hand stuff so no need like you say to pay a fortune!! I bought a couple sleeping bags for a ??1 each yet in moethercare they are ??20!!!x
  • I got some sleeping bags from primark for a few quid, and I got a big bundle bag of size 10 maternity clothes for me, there was loads of work clothes, pretty going out tops, bands, leggings all sorts for a fiver!! Most of the stuff had hardly been worn, saved me loads. X
  • Im quite lucky im still in my clothes, havent needed any maternity ones yet!!!
    When are you due?x
  • with ds my best buy was his activity roundabout, got it for ??3 off ebay and the woman lived just down the road so no p&p either! he loved it too! this time we've pretty much got everything left from ds, but got a few really nice clothes for bump and mat clothes for myself at bargain proces from ebay too. xx
  • i'm due 23 november, nice little bump now. x
  • Oooh Good post!!

    We got quite a few . New cool nappy bag ???????8.99 from China! & cool new moses basket exactly the one i wanted cream & brown with the rope handles but could never justify the price of a new one, so was delighted to find it by accident less than half price @ ???????30 image

    Got new Tomy digital baby links from ebay too about ???????30 less than in shops & new buggy fantastic value @ ??185 for full travel system. All in all we've done really well with bargains!

  • well done with the bargains! X I'm just wondering what you need to buy when baba starts getting more mobile and toddling, what do you put them in to keep an eye on em! Gonna stay adicted to netmums and ebay me thinks! X
  • I'm proud of my bargains! Best ones are:

    Used once M&P vibrating bouncer ??5 (netmums)
    New M&P Zeddy and Parsnip sleeping bag ??1.50 (bootsale)
    New newborn cute dress 50p (bootsale)
    Nearly new vests 20p each (bootsale)
    Free Boots changing bag
    Bundle of hardly used lovely maternity clothes from Freecycle


  • OOh I have never been to a car boot, but must try, its clothes and stuff I need, I have my nursery in zeddy and parsnip, jealous!! I also have the Boots changing bag.. good job girls! keep bargain hunting. X
  • My best bargian by far (well, my mums actually) was a bedding set and curtains from the Zeddy & Parsnip range for a fiver! Yes ??5!! Its like new so my mum put it in the dry cleaners. I'm chuffed to bits with it! xx
  • Not a big purchase but matalan have 3 pack of scratch mits for ??1!!
  • Hi Girls

    Great thread Clayre! I love the bargains, im a real carboot queen now ive seen how immaculate the stuff is you can pick up i refuse to pay the price of new things lol! I have bargain hunted for all of my baby things but ive bought some things new like the cot and mattress.

    My best bargains are:

    Video digital baby monitor ??4 (carboot)
    Mamas and Papas barnaby buttons moses basket with rocking stand ??5 (carboot)
    Groegg ??1 (carboot)
    Tuttibambini cot with sprung mattress ??130 (should have been ??240 with mattress plus p&p! (baby show)

  • i love this topic - just thought id mention primark do scratch mits pack of 2 for 50p bargain haha image

    Gotta love likes of Boots, Sainsburys, Tesco with all freebies if sign up to there baby club x
  • I am still yet to get my tesco and sainsburys feeebies, I signed up to everything!! My fave was the cow and gate, you get a squashy moo cow! X
  • My favourite bargain has to be my crib/moses basket. For ages I was deliberating over which to get - I'm not keen on moses basket stands and had visions of my hubby kicking the stand and up ending the baby in a sleep induced stupor. But on the other hand I wouldn't have been able to carry a crib up and down the stairs, so starting thinking maybe I should get a moses basket for downstairs and a crib for upstairs, but it seemed really indulgent and a bit of a waste of money. Anyhoo, one day I was browsing through John Lewis and the one I had had my eye on was in the sale cos it was the display model, which saved me ??30, even once I had bought the mattress and a couple of sheets. Okay, so it has a couple of scratches on the side, but I can live with that! So that meant that the moses basket I wanted would effectively be free as that cost ??30, except that it was in the sale in Boots for ??27! Bargain!

    Other than that, a friend of hubby's gave us their high chair, a wooden rocking horse, a stair gate and a big bag of toys, all for free (he needs the space in his garage for a new car!), which was so generous.

    Oh and ofcourse my Aunty and MIL have been knitting like the wind and I have about 15 gorgeous hand knitted cardigans now that are totally lovely.
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