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I suffered with Low blood pressure up to about 16 weeks of my pregnancy and other than bad headaches it didnt really affect me that much & sort of evened itself out. I am now 26 weeks & since yesterday have been feeling really faint & dizzy as if it is my BP again & am not sure what to do. I feel fine unless i move too quick etc. I was just wondering if anyone else had suffered with anything similar. i dont really want to contact my midwife or nurse as i cant see them doing anything apeart from checking it & telling me its better being low than high, but wonder if i shouldnt just leave it. Just not sure what to do really

Any advise ?


  • Hi coxley,

    I am 13 weeks and my bp as been low for a few weeks. When i saw gp and midwife their only advice was to slow down and not rush aroun. Also they told me to sleep on my left side and not on my back. They also reassured me that it was just one of those things, and was no where near as dangerouse as high blood pressure.

    Dont know if this helps.

    Kerry xxx
  • i am now 33 weeks and yesterday i got my blood pressure checked and it was 71/58, i just have to be very careful when i get out of bed especially at this stage when i am up about 5 times in the night to run to toilet. There is nothing doctor can do i just have to be careful not to get too light headed but havent fainted or anything. I normally have normal blood pressure so it is definately pregnancy. hope this helps.
  • Hi,
    my blood pressure was really high wen i found out I was pregnant and then it plummeted and went really low. The midwife told me that it is better to have low bp than high tho. I know this is not much conselation as we all want normal bp but u wud have heaps and heaps of problems if ur bp was high during the later stages of preg. Wiv my last baby from bout 25wks onwards I had to go to hospital everyweek to av bp checked coz it was through the roof. Sorry if not much help but u really shud go see u gp or mw incase there is a specific reason for u bp been that low. Gud luck keep us informed, Kerry xxx

  • My BP was a bit low at around 18 weeks, I was just told to be careful getting up and not to rush around. My bp is crazy, sometimes it's low, and then other times like today I go and it has gone high! Midwife and doctor always say it's 'one of those things'! x
  • Thanks for all your advice, i have just spoken to my doc who has advised me basically the same, to rest as much as i can & see how it goes, nothing really they can do about it i just have to take it easy x

    thanks for all your help x
  • mine really low 54/70 nerly dead lol

    docs said they dont give you ought for low blood pressue and that is its a very good thing to have in pregnancy! it makes me dizzy and faint! i have no energy at all! xx

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