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raspberry leaf tea or not???

Just wondering if anyone's tried or going to try raspberry leaf tea or tablets?:\? is it true you can use it from 36 weeks? anyone used it before with any good results? Thanks x


  • Hi! I have heard lots of great things about it and plan to use it myself. My sister used it but whether it was the tea that helped to bring on labour or not I am not sure, but it did not do her any harm! Besides it is on the list of NO NO's for those in the early stages of pregnancy as it is said to trigger womb contractions so that is worth a thought....X
  • hi sam i have not tried it but my mate did she started drinking the tea from 37 wks . i think you are only allowed so many cups a day , un fortunatly it didnt work for her she still went 2 wks over. she does know a few people it worked for. no harm in trying .i think by the time i get to 36 wks i will be willing to try anything. im 26wks .jen x
  • It's meant to tone the womb and make contractions more efficient than actually induce labour or so my mw/acupuncturist says. I drank loads with my first and had a shortish labour with really strong contractions from the start. This time I've started with it again and my braxton hicks were quite strong, not had any for a few days and they're not as strong now.
  • Hiya!

    I drank the tea and eventually took the capsules (not together!) to try and start things off from about 36weeks, but they didn't start my labour (although i did get pretty strong braxton hicks after them). I did however have a short labour 3hrs 25min start to finish (second baby) and i will take it again this time although i want to talk to my midwife first as i have Group B Strep and need to have antibiotics during labour ...So the labour cant be too quick! image
  • I have used the tea on both ny last 2 pregnancies - it helps in the 2nd stage of labour (the pushing). Both times I only pushed for bout 5 mins b4 they popped out!! I would recommend using the tea or tablets but to remember it won't necesseraliy bring on labour - it helps to tone ur womb ready for contractions and can help make them more effective. GL all. Mandi xxx
  • hi there I think your right loopylass ive heard its supposed to soften your cervix for preperation for labour not start labour.
  • hi all
    i ill be trying the tea/tablets in a few weeks!! anything to help is worth a shot i think. x
  • So what week can you take it from, I'm sure I read somewhere you could start taking it from 32 weeks. I'm 33 weeks was planning on going an getting some at the weekend, maybe I should wait until I'm at least 36 then.
  • hi! I drank the tea for weeks and nothing happened 4 me.. It wasnt til i had a sweep at the hospital that things ot going!!
  • it will say on the pack when it's suitable from but if my memory serves me rite i think it's 36 wks... im not 2 sure though xx
  • One piece of advice I would give anyone. Do not drink it before going to bed!! I had a large one before I went to sleep last night (steady now!!) and had b.hicks so strong they woke me up about 4 times thru the night and I thought I was going to have the baby there and then! My box says from 35 weeks but i really don't think a week either way matters too much. Good luck xxx.
  • i was reading about the tea in magazine yesterday and it said you can start drinking it at 32 wks two cups a day i always thought it was later im 28wks now mite give it a try in a few weeks but like mamamilf ive got group b strep so dont want to be too quick due to needing the antibiotics if this little ones anything like my first i was in slow labour for about a week !
  • thanks ladies, i've gone for the capsules, from holland and barrett... i'll keep you posted if anything happens. i thought they strengthened the contractions, softened the cervix and shortened labour. i don't mind 1 out of 3 so fingers crossed... xxx
  • I cant find this tea anywhere! I dont think it will work, ive never been pregnant before but im sure baby will come when he is ready! I will try it though x
  • Look for the tea in Holland and Barrett, they also sell the capsules.

    They probably wont send you in to labour, as i dont think that is what they are intended for. They just help tone your uterus and make your contractions stronger and more efficient for when you do actually go into labour ...they did give me very strong Braxton hicks when i took a tablet or after a tea, so i suppose if you are quite overdue they could help start labour?

    I took both capsules and tea when pregnant with second and my labour was short, so i would say that they helped shorten the labour ...and not a tear in sight!

    I still have to speak to the midwife about them this time as i have already said i have Strep B so i cant have the labour too short ...unfortunately! I want to be induced at around 40weeks (well just slightly before then) so they can get enough antibiotics in before baby no.3 is evicted!

    Midwife will discuss this with me a few weeks before my due date as my second baby had symptoms of Strep B infection...

    Emma x
  • Hi Emma, i'll have a look for the capsules when i go into holland&barrett. What is Strep B?
    I hope you ok and baby too, when is your baby due?

    Sophia x
  • Hello Sophia,

    The capsules (in my opinion) are better than the tea, so have a good look around for them, they are worth it!

    Group B Strep is a 'bug' (Similar to that of strep throat) that lives in the vagina of some women and although harmless to the carrier it can lead to severe complications for the baby if passed on via a vaginal delivery.It can lead to breathing and eating problems and in very severe cases blindness, meningitis and death.

    So it's really nasty and its important to have intravenous antibiotics during labour to kill the bacteria if you know you carry it. The antibiotics have to be in for at least 4 hours before delivery otherwise the baby will have to have them intravenously ...which means them having a short stay in SCBU, and thats something i really dont want!

    Other than that i am fine image and baby appears to be growing (very well!) and she should be with us around about the 16th may... Let's hope so, as there is only so much stretching my tummy can do!

    Good luck in finding your capsules...
    Emma x
  • how do you find out if you have it?
  • Oh no that sounds terrible, does it make you feel unwell?
    My bump feels like it cant stretch anymore! Baby is moving still, but not as much as he used to he has slowed down the past 2 weeks, must be running out of room i think!
    I found the capsules in h&b when do i take them? can i have them at 34 weeks? x x
  • Hi girls,

    faithlouise - Its a swab test that you can do yourself at home, then the swab will be sent to the lab for analysis. You can get the test done privately and i think it cost's around ??40. I'm lucky because my hospital checked for this as i had alot of (pardon me...) discharge at the time. The test is best done after 35weeks of pregnancy as this is when it will more than likely picked up. Ask your midwife if your hospital checks routinely for this.

    SophiaCooper - No it doesn't make you feel ill atall and most women dont even know they have it, which is why i think all hospitals should check for this routinely. The first time some women hear about Group B Strep is when the baby shows symptoms.

    I cant rightly remember when i started taking the raspberry leaf capsules (as i started the tea first) i think i was 36weeks but i have heard you may start them at 34weeks. Check the label on the back and see what it recommends. Good luck!

    When are you both due?

    Emma x
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