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feeling unwell in late pregnancy?

Hi ladies and bumps!

I am 32 weeks and since last week (5/6 days) I have been feeling unwell, not 100%. I feel sick constantly but extremely hungry at the same time but whether I eat or not I dont feel any better. Im uncomfortable, getting mild headaches, intense braxton hicks now & then and Im SO tired. I know Im not coming down with something as it hasnt amounted anything but I have what feels like an upset tummy too.

Just wondering if anyone else is feeling this way or had this in late pregnancy and when did it start?
Do you normally feel this unwell right at the end? 32 weeks seems quite early?

I dont remember feeling like this in my last pregnancy.

Fiona xx


  • hi hun sam here im 31+5 and im glad you have posted this as ive been feelin exactly the same i was goin to post it but didnt know how to put it, do you know what your havin, when i was pregnant with my little girl 5 years ago i didnt feel at all like this now im havin a boy, i was fine up untill lastweek now i feel really rough, i suffer with panick attacks too and there startin to play up just recently aswell x
  • Sorry to put a downer on things ladies but I would eriously suggest you speak to your midwives about EVERY syptom you have.
    I was 'just not right' over christmas at 29-30wks. I spoke to midwife a couple of times and she siad, its nothing don't worry.
    Eventually I spoke to the hospital and they told me to come in immediately (7th Jan by then). I was admitted straight away and had baby at 34+5 by emergency c-sec because I had severe pre-eclampsia!!
    Didn't show any of the signs they warn you about but in under a week a was 'just not right' to critically ill.

    Basically what I'm saying is that if you feel unwell enough to ask on here you should speak to midwife and not let them fob you off. You know in your heart if you are not well

    Take care xx
  • Sorry, forgot to say, my main complaints were headaches and tiredness (lethargic tiredness)
  • I would make an appointment with a gp or mw straight away. I was diagnosed with PE at 30 weeks and my symptoms were being lethargic and severe head aches.
    Fortunatley my PE is mild and I just have to be seen by a nurse every day to have BP and wee checked and see a dr every other day and it looks likely that I'm going to make it to my induction at 38+3.
  • hi ange76 i dont suffer with headaches but i am always very tired, il see how i go if i feel any worse im goin to contact my mw thanks for that helpfull information xx
  • oh im gettin really worried now x
  • Don't get worried - just ring your midwife.
    I'd say that there is probably nothing to worry about but make sure you tell her everything - not just the things she wants to hear.
    Everyone has different symptons for everything but you'd never forgive yourself if you did nothing about it

    Now ring them!!! (((((((hugs))))))))
  • Dont get worried but still, its better safe than sorry.
  • Thanks for replying girls! You're right I dont feel myself and I dont know what it is but never thought of PE. I dont know how helpful the mw will be tbh they arent very sympathetic! Do you think I should speak to the hospital? My mum is a student midwife but I dont want to worry her and she isnt fully qualified yet so not sure how much she can actually help me?

    Sam - I have a daughter and this is a girl too but I feel completely different.

    What are the signs of PE exactly?

    thanks xxx
  • Thats why I'd say speak to the hospital - they look for symptoms like swelling, pain high in the front of your bump, protein in urine.
    The day I was admitted I just hadn't felt right - not even anything specific that I could mention but just not right, I wouldn't even say I felt poorly.
    When I look back I'd ignored loads of signs in the lead up to christmas but put it down to doing too much - headaches, dizziness, blurred vision.

    How you feeling now? xx
  • The hospital would be much more thorough than 'just a midwife'
    I had bloods taken over 12hrs, loads of urine samples, loads of monitoring baby.
    It was a right ballache at the time but I'm so glad I told them I didn't feel right or it could have been a very different story for me and my dd
  • After having my dd at 32+2 because Of PE I too agree. I didn't feel right for 4 weeks before I had her (when my BP started to rise) and gradually got worse despite medication. I however didn't have headaches until after I had had her so they are not always a sign. I'd get seen by someone who will test your urine and do your bp tomorrow if you can.
    I hope its not PE but its better to be safe.
    Good luck.
  • im 32 weeks wednesday with my 3rd and have been feeling on and off very sick and like ive got an upset tum but as yet it hasnt come to anything , my bump is rather uncomfortable, im very lethargic and feel dizzy somethimes. ive hosputal tomorrow so going to get it checked out as last time i saw the midwife i was very low in iron and so put it down to that , but its not improving image. Even though this is my third it still feels like i am entering the unknown as its different from the last two xx 

    Glad i read this now,

     Sarah x

  • hi there ladies..


    i am now 30 weeks.. with my 3rd baby. Previous 2 were born early. 

    since this morning ive got strange feeling on my stomach - cant really explain it and feeling extremely tired all of sudden and dizzy. 

    What could be wrong? 

  • Hey I'm 32 tomorrow with my 2nd and been feeling really tired and dizzy for a week. I think mines related to low bp. His early were your first 2? X

  • Hi ladies i am 31 weeks+ 5 i have been feeling very sick and have an uncomfortable feeling in my stomache,i was at the midwife yesterday and had my urine tested and last midwife visit had bloods done which are all fine. I had told the midwife i had been experiencing blurred vision and spouts of dizzyness however she didnt appear overly concerned. The visual disturbances and dizzyness are now gone. Its only thw last couple of days i have started feeling sickand just nit myself hiwever i have had a cold/flu and i am outting it down to that. this is my 2 nd child my first pregnancy was terrible compaired to this time as i have felt really quite well untill the last few weeks. My first child was born by emergency c-section .. My BP has also been low for a few weeks however it has now returned back to normal (well normal for me). I have cut my hours down at work as i work in the care sector and since doing this i have felt alot better.



  • I had low bp at 32 weeks it's back up now so not dizzy any more but am always feeling sick and tired and incredibly achey now. These late weeks are a killer x

  • I'd say that there is most likely nothing to worry about but be sure you tell her everything - not only the things she wants to hear. All of us have different symptons for everything however you'd never forgive your self if you did nothing about it

  • I am 28 +2 and I have them symptoms but only feel sick at night I have pains all the time in my bump I am tired all day.  Can any one help is this some thing I should tell my mw ? 

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