Calling all Leeds ladies

Hi ladies - I'm desperately trying to find anywhere around Leeds that provides pregnancy yoag / pilates or even aqua natal swimming etc...but I can't find anything that's on my side of Leeds....around's all Meanwood, Roundhay, Ilkley - can anyone suggest anything?! never thought it would be sooo hard!!


  • Sorry. I'm in Guiseley and do aquanatal at the Aireborough Leisure Centre, but that is still on the wrong side of the city for you. Have you asked your midwife for any more local suggestions?
  • Hiya, thank you - no I haven't asked her as yet as I thought it would be easier than this!! MW is an LGI midwife tho so doesn't know my side of Leeds as she only does the sessions at gPs on Tuesdays! ..Will ask though to check! xx
  • Hi Bon79, when I lived in the UK I used to be in the LS25 area, unfortunately that was before I had my first lo so no idea about where your nearest one would be! Have you tried looking on They have more local groups and discussion boards so someone on there may be able to recommend a place for you. Good luck! x
  • thanks LizB I did look at netmums but nothing there really either!
    where abouts in ls25 were you? coincidence!! xx
  • I lived in a small village inbetween Selby and Garforth, where abouts are you? x
  • There used to be an ante natal swimming session at Kippax leisure centre on the Thursday, don't know if they still run it though.
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