When should the baby turn???

Hi all,

I am 31 + 3 (measuring 32 weeks at the midwife yesterday) and the baby is in a breech position. The midiwfe said it is not uncommon and they will only be concerned if it has not turned by about 36 weeks. She also said that they can turn the baby anyway.

Has anyone had this done before??

Am I worrying for no reason and is it perhaps to early for the baby to have turned anyway??

When i saw the midwife last time at 27 weeks, the baby's head was low but it has now turned.

Any advise is most welcome.

image xxxx


  • hi hun,my baby turned at bout 26 weeks in this pregnancy but they r all different,must b 2 comfy in there with bottom down!! hanna 37+2 xx
  • If its ur first baby they usually like baby to be head down at about 36wks, but if its not then its not a problem then they will just monitor u. If its ur second or third baby tho baby might not go head down until right near the birth. I wouldn't worry tho baby has got plenty of time to turn yet. Kerry xxx

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