hi guys, Im now nearly 9 weeks...

And im having bad really hurts when it doesnt come out!!!! does me pushing hard effect the baby or is that just an old wives tale?


how shall i soothe this?


  • hiya hun i havent had this yet but i had it the whole way thru my last pregnancey once i never went for 2 weeks as it hurt so much and when i did go god i wont even go in to that lol, i think its an old wives tale that can affect the baby, drink loads of water, fresh orange juice and prun juice works a treat i know its taste horrible but it really works, good luck hun i know just how u feel x
  • I am suffering too!
    I was worried about that in the first trimester too and spoke to the hospital but they said no, you cannot push the baby out!
    I know I couldn't now cos she's so massive. haha!
    Anyway, I have survived on a bowl of branflakes and a glass of orange juice (not from concentrate - Tropicana does the job) every day.
    The days I don't have the branflakes I get constipation again the next time I go.
    I'm panicking thismorning cos the milks gone off and so I haven't had them yet. Will have to get dressed and go and get some before I have breakfast.... Grrr....
    33+6. x
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