what hospical

hi everyone,just a quick question to see what hospical,centre you gave/giving birth at?

mines chesterfield royal xxx


  • mine will be ormskirk xxx
  • Mines QMC in Nottingham
  • Mines burnley x
  • im in n ireland so i will be at antrim hospital
  • The Women & Childrens Hospital Hull
  • Hi, im going to Wigan Hospital to have baby! have heard good things from some people as its a fairly new unit.
  • mine will be Royal Cornwall Hospital as its the only one close to where I live and I also had my son there back in June
  • Hi mine will be the (NNUH) Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

    also MorganWallace - Your hospital is where I was born image sorry I just thought I'd that bit cos it made me smile. X
  • Hi i will be having my third baby at carlisle cumberland infirmary where i have had my other 2 its only 2 mins down the road.
    vikki xx
  • i have a choice of either Penrith Birth Centre or Cumberland Infirmary (same as Vikki R).

    I think we may choose Cumberland as although i have heard really positive things about the Penrith Birth Centre, hubby and i would feel happier knowing there are docs etc. on hand just in case given that its my first baby and i dont know what to expect of labour.

    Vikki R - How did you find the Cumberland Infirmary for your other two births??


  • Hi
    Russells Hall in Dudley (even though Women's Hosp in Selly Oak is 5 mins away). RH has private rooms with en suite and is only a few yrs old.
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