17 week midwife appointment - updated

I have this to look forward to on Monday it should have been 16 weeks but I was brought forward a week. I am hoping to see the same lady last time she was lovely, but there is a team of 8 so nowing my luck it will be someone else. Hoping that she will hear baby's heartbeat and tell me the beats per minute, have a doppler but having trouble counting, we done it earlier and it was only 90 think that must be wrong.

Alo got an appointment next Friday at the hospital to see an Anethestic regarding my curverture of the spine, to see if I will be able to have a spinal block if need, I assume thats for a c-section not sure. I am hoping its not that bad and it will be ok.

Good luck to all ladies ho have things going on this coming week, especially to LH86 for Monday.


Been today for my appointment, unfortunately did not get to see the lovely nice midwife I saw last time. The midwife today was not very helpful and was very poor with giving us info, we had to ask. What she was writing in maternity book and she never asked if I wanted to know anythink, found her extremely unhelpful and useless. Found out my blood group, tested urine sample and said there was a slight trace of protine in it but thats normal for som people she said, not sure if she's right, but there you go. She said did we want to hear heartbeat and we said yes, that lasted all of about 30 seconds, we asked if she could count the heartbeat for us and her reply was ' no but you can, but with only 30 seconds listening that was impossible.

I just felt she was unless, aparently after speaking to another midwife later she is very good and must have been having an off day, she was an older lady and just did not seem to know what she was doing, put the silly blood presure thing on the wrong way. She also said because I have to see the consultant about wheather I can have baby at local midwife hospital or wheather I will need to go to the consultant one in Chelmsford that I did not need a 25 week appointment and told me to book for 28 weeks instead, thought that was all wrong. She also said that it was to early to book anti natal classes yet, thought that was wrong as was told they get booked up early, so spoke to the Receptionist when we got out, and she said thats wrong and we have put our names down on the list for classes in July. So thats what we did.

I thought if I was not going again till 28 weeks then thats pushing it for matb1 form and the maternity grant, so when I got home I telephoned the midwife unit up and complained, another midwife saids that was wrong and I do still need a 25 week appointment, so have now booked that and said I don't want to see that midwife again. Even hubby said she was not very helpfull.

Sorry for rant but feel a bit better now, at least we heard heartbeat for all of 30 seconds.

17 weeks today.

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  • Hi honey,

    Good luck with your midwife appointment. When I had mine she said bp was fine and so was hearbeat. I told her I was exhausted and she seemed to think that was normal and said keep up the good work so I left beaming as if i'd just passed an exam - no idea why lol.

    I have my 20 week scan on Thursday when I will be nearly 21 weeks, im very excited even though I had a 16 week scan which told me we were having a little boy. I hope they confirm it is a boy or our little girl will be wearing the blue baby grows I have bought for her first three months lol. This scan will be a full check over so I am a little nervous.

    Good luck at the hospital

    Georgie xx 19+6
  • Awww thanks for remembering hun, good luck for your app too hope you get the midwife you want - I will e-mail you the scan piccies as soon as I get back to work (will send them from my work e-mail) hopefully with a big Blue Boy or Pink Girl in the subject line!!


  • Updated report back from midwife appointment at the top, not very nice midwife.

    17 weeks today

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