Just heard from MW

MY booking in app was today at 4:15!!!! She said there was a mix up with the letters as I am new there and she is going on holiday for three weeks tomorrow and needs to do my bloods before my scan which she tells me is on the 28th Jan at 11:15.

I have now had to ask work if I can take this afternoon off as a holiday!!



  • Hi hun, i think you are entitled to have paid time off for antenatal and checks for pregnancy, you shouldnt have to use holiday!!
  • I know but I feel so bad as it's last mine and also I was off sick yesterday. I wont take the time off for the scan though unless we want the whole day off I will see.

    K xx
  • Good luck, at least your having your blood taken last thing. I had mine done yesterday morning and felt weak all day.
    How exciting to have your scan booked in, have you added it to the scan dates list?
    Georgie 10+5
  • Dont feel bad Klou, it wasnt your fault that its all last min. You are legally entitled to take the time off so you should hun. Hoes everything going, are you still feeling rough? xxxx
  • Thanks girls. No i am feeling better still a little sick but nothing like the last two days.

    Yay I know I am so excited about the scan date image I can't for two weeks to go now I will nearly be 13 weeks then so hoping I will get to see more.

    Ahhh I am so excited

    K xx

  • Awww k-lou, i know how you feel hun, even though ive had 5 children that wonderful feeling of excitment never changes, i hope i get the chance to experience it again! Im looking forward to seeing your pics. xxx
  • Thats great you have an appointment through at last. Mention it to your boss but last minute or not you really shouldn't have to use any holiday!

    Your scan isn't too far away either, I am seeing the midwife for my 24 week check the same day!

    Bec 22+5 x
  • oh wow how spooky when you said just this morning you havent heard from her yet.

    You are entitled to paid leave for all appt and scans so dont use your holiday save it for closer to maternity?

    You must be so excited!!

  • It is difficult when they expect you to be able to see them with that short notice though isn't it. I came out of hospital last Tuesday and went back to work on the Thursday (small office and two people were off exhibiting in Germany) and the MW phoned and said can you do today? And I said no I'm at work. And she said you are entitled to take time off. I was like, I realise that but we are shortstaffed so I can't just go home today unfortunately.

    Good luck for the appointment!!

    10+6 x
  • Yay bet you cant wait! Like the others say you are defo entitled to time off for all antenatal checks and classes.

    Good luck!

    Anna (34+5)
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