hiya everyone,
just been reading the whole new maternity rights etc n it says that if lo due on or after 1st april you're entitled to 33 weeks paid
I started my leave last week & got told that i was only gettin 26 weeks paid & my lo due on the 21st april.
Anyone any clues on whether or not i'm entitled to the extra 7 weeks as i've already started my leave? going to ring tesco's tomorrow n see what they say but anyone on here any ideas?;20750;42/st/20080421/dt/6/k/fc61/preg.png


  • i would have thought u would be entitled hun as ur due after, but not 100% sure, give em a ring! u want what ur entitled to xx
    How much SMP you'll get
    If you get SMP, your employer will pay you 90 per cent of your average weekly earnings for the first six weeks, then up to ??112.75 for the remaining 33 weeks (or 20 weeks if your expected week of childbirth begins earlier than 1 April 2007). You pay tax and National Insurance in the same way as on your regular wages. Your employer reclaims the majority of SMP from their National Insurance contributions and other payments. To qualify for SMP you must pay tax and national insurance as an employee (or would pay if you earned enough).

    it says on here you get statutory maternity pay for 39 weeks in total, but to check your company policy to make sure.....
    although if the gov say you get 39 weeks stat (at the lowest rate of pay) then you should get 39 weeks at least...

  • u should def be entitled to it as the changes were brought in last year (1st april 2007), i would try to clarify this with your employers though x
  • Hi agree with el-07 that you are entitled as the changes are for any babies due after 01st April 2007.
    Tammi xxx
  • I believe SMP has gone up slightly from this April, possibly to ??117.50 but i may have read wrong!!!

    This site is helpful to work out what you are eligible for....

  • Thanks ladies, might nip down to CAB 2moro before I ring tesco's to clarify everything, at the moment i've been told i'm gettin full pay for the first 6 weeks then 90% of my earnings after that but only for 26 weeks, not 33. I only work part time (12hrs p/w) so don't know if that would affect anything or not.
    I knew new legislations were coming in but thought they'd only apply to me if i changed my leave date.
    will let all know tomorrow when i've spoken to the relevent people!!!;20750;42/st/20080421/dt/6/k/fc61/preg.png

  • This was effective from 2007 and not 2008 so you should all be entitled to 39 weeks if you've only just started your mat leave.

  • Hiya i think that

    33 weeks is statutory minimum

    if they are paying you full pay for 6 weeks and then 90% for 26 weeks then this should be ok. you are entitled to 33 weeks though, although your employer may say the extra 7 weeks are SMP.

    hope this helps.
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