Picture at 12 week scan??

Morning ladies!

Just wondered if you get a picture at your 12 week scan or not? Or does it depend on the hospital? I'm a little way off that yet but am wishing the time away!

Jessica x


  • I got a picture and paid ??2 for it - worth it! Time will start flying once you've had your 12 week scan! xx
  • Thanks for your replies! Weeza - I've heard that the time will go quickly after 12 weeks - I bloody hope so because the last few weeks have dragged so much! Roll on 12 weeks! Am seeing the midwife next week so that's quite exciting!

    Good luck to you both xx
  • We paid ??5 for 4 pics at my scan.
  • I didn't get a 12-week scan on the NHS - our area doesn't do them! But at my 20-week I was given 5 fab photo's free of charge by the lovely sonographer - they should have cost ??10 each!! Another case of postcode lottery when it comes to the cost of photo's hey?!. Our health authority used to charge ??3 but have recently jumped to ??10!!!!!! xxxx


  • hi igot one photo and didnt have to pay, got 2 at 20 wk scan,

  • I had to pay ??3 for my 12 week scan and only had 1, but then at my 20 week scan i had 3 didnt have to pay a penny! x
  • i got pics at mine but they are better at 20 wks cos you see more. but dont wish the weeks away enjoy every moment its the best thing ever and it should be treasured in every way tc jojo xx
  • I paid ??4 for 2 photos 1 of which is just a blur, I thought it was abit pricey. Best save the pennies up for my 20 week scan in a couple of weeks!
    Leanne x
  • I didn't have a 12 week scan but I had 2 emergency scans on at 6 weeks and one at 9 weeks so they gave me pictures free. However at my 20 week scan I had to pay ??4 for 3 pictures, and they had the same policy for the 12 week scan. xxxxx


  • Seems there is a big divide when it comes to paying for scan picutes. We are in the Scottish borders and they ask you to make a volantary (sp) donation. We put a ??1 in the jar for every pricture - 1 at our 12 scan and 7 from 2 scans at 20 weeks. Tammi xxx
  • Our scan pics were ??2.50 each. Got 1 at my 12 week scan and again at my 20 week scan (the 12 week scan is a far better picture!). Am having a 4D scan so wasn't too worried about having loads of pictures from the last scan. Good luck!
  • we got 3 at 12 week scan & 2 for the 20 week one. they ask to make a donation but don't charge you up front for them, i suppose it varies from hospital to hospital really.
    I kinda want to have another scan before lo arrives coz i wana see how much he's grown! but there's not been any differences in the growth chart or anything so it looks unlikely, which i suppose is a good thing in a way image
    Good luck with the rest of you pregnancy


  • my word paying for scan pics?! ridiculous!
    i got 2 pics at my 12 week & 2 at my 20 week scan & 1 at my 34 week- there would have been more pics but they discovered a problem at the 34 week scan so that took over but I can't believe you've to pay gor your pics!
    Lauren (38+5) xx
  • i haven't had a 12 week scan yet, but had an emergancy at 5 weeks and again at 9 weeks. Altogether got 3 pictures for free xxxx
  • I had a picture from my early scan at 8 weeks for free and then the 12 week scan i got 3 pics for free the sonographer said she didn't have a donation tin so said they were free today lol. Also as for time flying when you get past 12 weeks- I wish it taking so long to get to landmark weeks i'm 16 weeks monday and it seems an age since 12 week scan, so if anyone got any ideas on how to make it go faster please help! It seemed really slow when i was pregnant with son also!
  • I got 5 pics at my 12 week scan and 4 at my 20 week...FREE
    I am suprised anyone has to pay!
  • We didn't have any at our 12 week scan, but paid ??2.50 each at our 20wk.


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