My boobs have started to leak!

Last night just after me and oh had sex I thought my nipples felt wet then I wiped them and felt nothing so didn't think anything of it, then in the night they kept leaking cuz I kept waking up with wet patches on the bed underneath them!
Oh thinks its funny and said he's gonna start calling me leaky nips!
Will they keep leaking now or will they just do it after sex?


[Modified by: xkelx on 09 February 2009 07:25:05 ]


  • I think when u get aroused this can make them leak so it may have just been a 1 off? or it cud be the biginning of lovely things to come xxx image
  • mine have started doing this too and i shudnt think it would stop now xxx
  • Mine leak a lot a night and after a bath. Only a bit during day really. Started at 16 weeks pg. x
  • actually that is really common aparently wen u orgasum u can spurt milk lol ive been dyeing to spurt milk at my oh its not fair it wud be well funny to get it right in his eye hehe xx
  • haha tinkerbell83 it would be funny if I could squirt it out like that but it just dribbles out a bit, pathetic really!
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