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Since last night i have been experiencing a dull ache on my left side by my groin/bikini line. It is causing me any discomfort but im aware its there and starting to worry that this may be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy?

im 6 + 4 today, can anyone help me, im starting to panic!!



  • it could just be streatching pains but if ur worried ring ur MW she will advise u what to do.

    good luck

    16weeks today
  • Is there anything else that is making you worry? Do you have any pain in your shoulders? Any bleeding? etc?

    As you are 6 weeks, I am guessing that it is arround this time that you usually ovulate, so it may just be that - your body has ovulated every month for years and years, so it could just be trying to carry on doing what it has always done also when you are preg you have a small cyst on whichever ovary released the egg,

    If the pain is really bad (if it stops you from carrying on with whatever you were doing), or if you are worried then talk to your MW, but it does sound quite normal - and loads of people get so many random aches and pains all through preg!
  • Thanks for being so kind and replying girls... just so scared of that every ache or pain i get could be the end of my dream.

    I dont have any bleeding or shoulder pains, slight diarhria after i eat and normal sickness.the local EPU are all closed on the weekends and i dont have my midwifes number so there isnt anything i can do until monday, will just have to hope it has stopped by then...

    This is also bang on around the time i would be OV!!Thanks Nikki, at least i can tell myselt it is that until monday

  • Hi hun

    I had the same thing when I was roughly 6 weeks and thought it could be that but it was not image things are moving about and the girls are right about this being the time you would OV.

    I would say as you have had not bleeding or pain else where I am so sure its fine but if it gets to the point where you ar in real pain then go to A and E right away ok image

    K xx
  • hi,

    i had a pain in my side when i was just about 6 weeks pegnant with my 1st and the docs feared an ectopic pregnancy - so i went for an early scan and it showed everything to be fine and that i had some bleeding from my ovaries or something. I would either go to your out of hours gp service sometimes in an a&e or go up to an a&e who will examine you and give a possible scan.

    suzi 31+3
  • Hi, i was admitted to hospital when i was only 3wks as they thought i had an ectopic pregnancy... thats how i found out i was pregnant! It turned out to be a cyst on my ovary which apparantly is common, the pain in caused by the cyst rubbing. I was in agony for days and still get the occasional pain but now i know what it is, it doesnt scare me anymore. Hpe this helps.
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