Placenta Previa

Hello Ladies,

I have just been diagnoised with this and wondered if anyone else has this?

C x


  • Hi,
    Dee Dee from the march forum was diagnosed with this- hope she doesn't mind me telling you.
    Lauren xx
  • I've been told my placenta is low-lying but not preavia. I have read a little about it and basically it presents some complications to the birth because effectively the placenta is blocking the baby's exit and as far as I have gathered will normally mean a C-section because the placenta is the baby's lifeline and so you can't unblock the exit without cutting off the lifeline. From what I have read (not a lot so please don't rely on me) you would normally have a consultant rather than midwifery led care and may have to go in to hospital ahead of your due date so that they can monitor you and be at the ready for when you go into labour or else book you in for a C-section ahead of your due date. I'm only going by what I've read and I'm sure your mw will give you lots more (and more accurate info) but I did read a bit on it in case mine dropped any lower. I have to go back for another scan at week 35 to see if it has moved but the sonogapher didn't say what would happen if it hadn't moved or indeed whether it might move further down rather than up out of the way. I'm seeing my mw in a couple of weeks so will ask then.

    Best wishes. I get the impression from what I've read that Preavia is a complication that the experts are used to dealing with - so I'm sure you needn't worry too much.
  • Hi, i had this at 20 weeks scan, i had to have another one a week later because they couldn't take all measurements (nothing to do with low lying placenta) and everything was fine.

    A low-lying placenta is not an uncommon finding on second trimester ultrasound scan. As many as 15% to 20% (one in five to six) of pregnancies have a low lying placenta. Fortunately, only 5% (one in 20) of these remain low lying at 32 weeks and only one third of those are low lying at term (37 weeks). After 28 weeks, a low lying placenta is known as placenta praevia.

    The vast majority of pregnant women will have their placenta issues resolved by the time labour starts and will not have any problems.

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