Anterior placenta?

Hi everyone
I looked on my notes and it says my placenta is anterior, which I think means its in front of the baby? I'm 21 weeks now and while most people have been feeling proper hard kicks, I've been a bit worried because while I have a few of those I mostly still feel flutters and sometimes a weird pushing sensation, could the position of the placenta be why? Also, I have a fairly good fetal heart monitor, I cant find the baby's heartbeat and it says I should be able to by now, has anyone else had this with an anterior placenta? My hubby thinks he has felt the baby move just very faintly and most people's oh's have felt it move properly by now, could the placenta be why mine hasnt? When did you feel the baby move properly with an anterior placenta? Sorry lots of questions I know, I've just been worried because of how little movement I feel and not being able to find the heartbeat and my hubby not feeling it yet.


  • I have anterior placenta too (I think it might have moved though...couldnt tell u!). At least I had it at 20 weeks.

    I first felt movement at 19 weeks, but it was v. v. light, and I wasn't feeling "proper" movements until 24 weeks. I always found the hb on my doppler, but all dopplers are different, some really are crap and just dont seem to work for some women!!

    Anterior placenta is a blessing in disguise anyway - I'm almost there and the babys movement is still nice and light, no pain at all!

  • Thanks I'm just so worried I'm going to miss out on all the movement. I'm meant to be having a 4D scan when I'm 26 weeks, is there any point with an anterior placenta?
  • YES!!! I had my 4D scan at 26 weeks and it was so worth problems at all. I will put my avatar up of the best pic so I can show you how clear it was. I was scanned lying on my side mind you because he was in a funny position. xxx

  • awww thats so cute! I hope you dont mind me asking, but what dress size are you? Its just I've heard weight can be a major factor with the 4d scan and I'm not slim by any means. I'm a size 14-16.
  • hi

    i had a 4d scan with my frist and i am a size 16 - 18 and it was really clear i had heard the same thing but its not true my pics were great

  • I'm not slim either - about a size 14...or at least I was before I got pregnant! It came out great so I'm sure unless you were seriously big then it doesnt make a difference. xxx

  • Has anyone with an anterior placenta found it hard to find baby's heartbeat?
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