If only I had been told this at the beginning...

At 7 weeks I have been Miss Paranoid about all the pains and discomfort I have been suffering with - I was told to expect a kind of muscle strain pain in my tum so accepted that, but have also been suffering deep pains in my groin down the sides.

Finally gave into today and rang the midwife - who straight away informed me that when you first become pregnant the fertilised egg is relaced with a cist on your ovary which develops the hormone that tells you, you are pregnant. The cist then causes all the discomfort but will disappear on its own at about 14 weeks! Now why didn't the GP tell me this when I first found out I was pregs, all the worry it would have saved? Does not mention this in any of the books I have read either.

I also suffer a lot with IBS and Constipation (only adding to strange unpleasant feelings in my tum) and been advised again very normal and to take fibregel (incase any one wants any tips)

Did you guys all know this was the case?! If not, I thought it woud be helpful so you know your not alone and not to worry about the discomfort. x

All the best to all xxxxx


  • thankyou and no i was not informed about this by either my gp or midwife but i do now what an intresting fact and thankyou again xxx
  • Hi, i was told this when i had an early scan when i was pregnant with my son. The reason they dont tell you normally is that they find most mums to be worry about enough without having this on top and as it's so common in nearly all pregnancys they feel there is no need to tell unless they think there is something up with it.
  • hi i have been getting loads of pains and have ibs too so this info has put my mind at rest a bit im also 7 weeks and feel like a neurotic woman panicking about every single pain or twinge so thanks for letting us know hun xxx
  • Hi I can sympathise with this as I have had cists in all of my pregnancies but with this one I had a large haemoriffic one which had bled out causing the pain. I also suffer from ibs and it is horrible, I also have had internal piles that make me bleed when i go to the loo which are being treated.

    Who says pregnancy is easy??

  • wow i have never heard that before and there was i thinking i had left no pregnancy rock unturned! i get loads of weekly emails and read all the books and thats new to me! i agree with you hayley tho that it probably not worth knowing. i suppose if they told us we had a cyst we would all collapse in panic in that horrible first 12 weeks...its limbo enough as it is!
    hope everyone is ok?
  • I've had 2 babies and never heard this before !!!!
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