GUTTED - Poo appointment today!

Well met my diabetic consultant today to go over my notes since finding out i have gestational diabeties. Was really looking forward to having a scan (even though i had one last week image ) but it didnt turn out that way. They where more worried about me and my glucose levels! I know i should be happy there watching me closely, i was just really looking forward to seeing him again! Anyway after having about 50pple (slight exageration...) but close to it :lol: discussing me, i have to go back in 2wks where im ultimatly being started on insulin (unless a small miracle happens). Diet wise theres nothing i can do to control it, im going to be one of those unlucky ones who need insulin no matter what!

Just feeling slightly down as everything seems to be going wrong - they said from the scan last week babys tummy is measuring alot bigger than his head, so hes getting to much insulin and theres a high risk hes on his way to being HUGE (side effect of having gd). Also i was hoping to get an induction date, but its looking like itl be a day by day thing, i literally could go in one day and be admitted there and then - which for me having two lo's already will be a utter nightmare!

Ok sorry this turned into a slight mini rant - just feel quite down by it all - i hope your day went better than mine joo and mummysteph!

kim 30+4 xxxx
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