embarrassing question!

hi girlies

sorry if this is tmi but my first mw appointment isn't until the end of next week so i thought i would ask on here to see if anyone else had anything similar.

i'm 6 weeks pregnant with my first so i've no idea what i should or shouldn't be experiencing. i suffer from IBS and general bad digestion problems (or as DH calls it, "gut rot", nice!). before my BFP i tended to be more constipated rather than anything else, and then the opposite at random times. however since BFP i don't really seem to be constipated and i haven't really changed my diet or anything so i can't understand why it might have changed. i thought that in early pg constipation was a symptom? if anything i've been going to the loo almost once a day which is not usual for me. (usually 3 or 4 times a week max befor bfp). Yesterday i thought i had morning sickness starting as i felt dreadful all day but then i managed to go to the loo, still felt awful, but an hour later i felt fine. a similar thing happened this morning.

i haven't got the runs but i'm certainly going more often than normal and i think my nausea is sort of related to it. has anyone else experienced this? could it be due to my IBS?

thanks and sorry if the above was tmi! xxx


  • Hi there I also suffer from IBS and have found that my systoms have altered through my pregnancy without changing my diet. Sometimes I find it really difficult to go to the toilet for days at a time, then the other week I noticed that i was going four times a day for well over a week - like you not the runs! Think it must just be down to the change in hormones!!! Tammi xxx
    32.3 weeks
  • This is my second pregnancy and iv bin experiencing the same thing this time round. Iv gone from usually experiencing constipation (really badly in first preg) to going easily and regulary, not that im complaining at all. Im now almost 30wks and this is wen the constipation is supposed to kick in again but fingers crossed ill keep going the way i have been doing. I think its just down to ur body changing with all the different hormones. Kerry xxx
  • thank you! i think i will put it down to the hormones then and be pleased that it isn't constipation yet image xxx
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