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fao.. princess jane


Hope your scan goes well tonight. Let us know how it goes and how far along you are.


  • hiya well had scan!! its was brilliant! i feel so much better now def worth paying for!! especially if ur like me and just don't feel pg!! i saw the baby and heartbeat and then heard the heartbeat!! its legs and arms were moving was soooo good!! i am 9 weeks 3 days so in between what i thought!! can't wait for nhs one now yey! xx
  • oh am due 31st august! xx
  • Sounds well god. I have got one friday as I have been getting really sharp stomach pains, they think i am likely to be between 6- 8 weeks. Just hoping everything is ok with mine.....
  • sure it will be that will just be ur uterus growing normally is! let me know how urs goes!! oh and if u have a abdominal one he presses quite hard on bladder and as u have to be desperate for a wee is horrible!! i nearly weed myself haha
  • glad your scan went well, and good luck n----1983 for your scan xx

  • oh good, i suppose if i am 6 weeks then they may have to do an internal one so hopefully they can do a normal ultrasound. I am like you and my periods were always over 43 days and I was really worried as the only symptoms i have are sore boobs and tiredness. i havent had any sickness and thought that was bad...., you didnt have any symptoms did you???
  • hi yeh my periods were between 33 and 56 days!! to begin with i was tired for about 2 weeks and my boobs were a bit bruised. but now i have nothing at all! am fine! i need a wee more but thats it! i feel great! its a good thing not having sickness means ur body is coping well, ur baby takes all the nutrients it needs and can sometimes end up making u ill but if not ur coping well! not everyone is sick. take it as a good sign. i guess after ur scan u will feel better, u will prob be ok having a abdominal one u can have them at 6 weeks but if its not clear they will make u empty ur bladder and do an internal but sure u'll be ok with a normal one. xx

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