morning sickness

just wondering when it kicked in with you ladies.
havent had any ugh!! feeling yet, so just wondering when i can expect it



  • mine kicked in at 12-13 weeks, i had it so bad could only drink water and supplements image
    still have it now but im eating alot better.
    hope you dont get it though as it really is crap
    how many weeks are you?
    shaz 24+4
  • mine kicked in at 6 weeks and it seems to be getting worse as the days go by hoping it will calm down a bit soon as at the mo finding it realy hard to eat anything and cant drink anything but water never had this with my first pregnancy just had nausea feeling every night which started at about 8 weeks and stoped at about 20 weeks.

    emma xx
  • hi im kelly mine kicked in around about 1 week ago any 1 know how to make it STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL
    kelly 5+6
  • mine's here. I'm trying half a sugar in my morning tea and ginger nuts. also sucking extra strong mints is helping. just keep up your fluids

  • hey
    my morning sickness kicked in at around 8 weeks i still got it and im due in 2weeks :\( if you do get it then rest when u feel sick coz the busier i am the sicker i feel. mints and boiled sweets help when i felt sick. and having small regular meals instead of big greasy meals helped aswell.
    hope you dont have it :\(

  • Hey!
    I have suffered since week 6 (am now week 10). It varies from once in the morning to on and off throughout the whole day! I tried rich tea biscuits (ginger is recommended but they can bring on my migraines) have found that just eating little and often helped. Am now trying cereal bars!
    Hubby has been lovely, although I sometimes wish it was him spending so much time in the toilet!
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