morning sickness

any advice?? have to get up 5.30 to start at shift and feel dizzy and sick difficult going to work.


  • Loads of tips but whether they work or not is another matter as everyone is different!!

    Try keeping some ginger biscuits at the side of your bed to nibble on or eat dry toast before you get up - not easy I know. The magnetic bangels you can get for sea sickness etc. can also help. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids even if you dont feel like it.

    I had bad sickness with 1st, was admitted to hospital with 2nd as had hyperemesis gravadirum and with this one the only thing that helped was eating crisps and sooking on boiled sweets.

    Trial and error I think.

    Hope you fell better soon.
  • I found sucking mint imperials helped - a bit!

    Try to take comfort that its supposed to be a good sign - difficult I know!

    Take care

    Gill x
  • I was getting up at 6am for work during my morning sickness phase. I would sip water in the night if i woke up. then before i did anything in the morning i'd slowly eat a bannana/piece if dry bread to line my stomach (i found i was much more likely to puke on an empty stomach). I couldnt handle my usual breakie of cereal. Eat little and often if you can. You'll prob figure out your own foods to avoid. Mine was apples, and battered food. To be honest i had it pretty bad all day every day for the 1st 20weeks! I tried almost avarything. It was such a relief when i stopped puking.. i even had a list of top and bottom thinks to puke (choc cake being the best and curry the worst. lol)

    For most people it subsides after 12 weeks though. best of luck. x x x

    Jen 40+1
  • thks, already on the ginger biscuits and was eating crisps only thing that kept down..maybe just have have munch before get up..stop the queasy feeling, thks again
  • Mine was also worst on an empty stomach so make sure you have something to eat (eat before you have anything to drink I found if I didn't, I'd throw up my drink) - the thought of biscuits made me feel ill but toast seemed to stay down! Oddly enough crisps were good for me too, for a while I was living on toast and crisps. I think it's the dryness that helps.

    Sucking mints like mint imperials also helped me, I imagine chewing gum would as well tho I didn't try it.

    Be reassured that most people's goes after 3 months, I was feeling loads better by 10 wks and haven't been sick since 12.

  • I used to sleep in the towelling travel sickness bands and I actually found that if I just got up and was sick I felt much better. The more I tried to stop myself feeling sick the worse I felt!
  • The best thing to do is to keep your strength up and by doing that you need to eat foods packed with energy. Lack of energy can leave you with headaches and dizziness. Try eating something light when you wake up like a banana with milk, it's packed full of goodness and will boast your energy levels greatly!
  • thks, but can't stand bannas..that would make me sick lol!! feel abit better, but on lates shift at mo, have wait next week on early' s again x
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