Crying all the time and being sick every day - I hate this!

I have had the worst weekend ever...

I threw up last nite after eating a toasted tea cake and cup of tea. Sat morning i was in bed crying my eyes out all morning as i had the worst head ache ever and felt so ill.

This morning i had to get up for work and threw up 3 times whilst trying to get ready. then i could only stomach half a wholemeal muffin with marmite before running to the toilet again gagging. thankfully nothing came back up that time. but i just feel soooo ill. Im only 7 weeks and if this is going to get worse i dont think i will be able to cope with it. My 2 year old daughter keeps saying "Mummy, are you happy?" because she knows im not being my usual self! its just awful.

Sorry for my little rant but you guys are the only ones who have any idea how im feeling. Hubby is being great though and if I didnt have him around I dont know wot i would do. My mum thinks its all a big act as she never felt bad during her 3 pregs so cant turn to her for support!

Best get back to some work now before i run out crying...

MA x x x


  • I completely know how you feel. I was really ill for the whole of my first trimester (and then some), and people I work with thought that I was just exaggerating how ill I felt - and in the end I was signed off work because I was so ill.

    It will get better though, although if you're only 7 weeks, it may be a while yet - just hang in there and concentrate on the fact that at the end of this you will have something beautiful that will make it all worthwhile!

  • aawww mummyames sending you some love and hugs chick x x x

    stll excited for you lol,you have the sickness il be excited for you lol x x

  • thanks poppygirl and grudie!

    its just frustrating because its not like any other illness. normally if i get a bug im sick and feel better afterwards but its just not budging at the mo and everything i eat i gag. dear o dear. please please little bean can u get all my goodness quickly and then i can feel better again!

    Grudie - thats a great idea hun. u can keep being excited for me while i throw up and then when its ur turn round ill do the same for you sugar!! x x x
  • piss never thought of that lol,fingers crossed when it happens i dnt get it,i never did with Lennon,just major head aches and being tired x x

    hope it gets better for you soon hun x
  • I can sympathise! I wasn't often sick but the nausea was horrendous from about 6-12/13 wks.

    On the upside it's supposed to be a very good sign that bubba is doing well!!

    Only advice I have is think about what you are eating, plain crackers, ginger biscuits and lightly buttered toast work for some people and so does lemonade and sucking mints.

    Hope you feel better soon xxxx
  • Hi love,

    I am so sorry you are feeling so ill. My sickness started about 6 weeks and I am coming up to 11 weeks and still feel rubbish.

    I must say for me it's peaked at 10 weeks but it will all be worth it in the end and if you are that ill honey you should see your doctor about maybe being signed off for a bit.

    Eating does not help me I have tried everything and still feel as sick as anything. Sometimes it will just go and then an hour or so later bang it;s back again.

    K xx

  • thanks gals. i will just have to muscle on through it. just hate thinking ive got another 5/6 weeks of this (if not more like my first preg!). K-Lou - im like u. Even if i eat something to try and stop the nausea i feel just as worse. i have been sucking pear drops which has helped a little bit. Need to get some more today in my lunchhour!

    Thanks again girls. I know I should be over the moon at the mo but just feelin so rough its hard to feel so happy.

    Will try and keep plodding on!

    x x x MA x x x
  • Hi MA, just gatecrashing from TTC. My mother, sister and both SILs all had quite bad morning sickness - one SIL had hyperemesis in two or three of her pregnancies (she has 7 children!). They found that it was better if they kept something like a dry biscuit (ginger nut or digestive) or a granola bar by their bed and ate it first thing in the morning before even trying to get out of bed. Hope you feel better soon xxx
  • thanks LDOM. i must admit i have tried the biscuit or cracker approach but i then end up throwing that up too! have resorted to just throwing up on an empty stomach and the orange bile comes up (sorry TMI!). find it a lot less horrid than food coming up! does that sound really odd? sorry. Im just praying each day will be the day i stop being sick!!! x x x
  • Hey Mummy Ames

    I've had sickness throughout my pregnancy (hyperemesis, so unlikely that you'll have it all the way through!) and I just wanted to say that I know exactly how you feel.

    I found it was better throwing up nothing than food - it didn't hurt as much! Just try to keep yourself hydrated - tiny sips of water or sucking ice cubes if you can... Your baby will be developing fine, even if you're not eating anything! Oh and the consultants as the hospital suggested that I try things like soup and yoghurt to start with - they are the easiest to digest apparently, but don't bother if they make you feel awful!!

    Hope this helps,
    C xxx
  • oooo it could be twins if you are feeling that bad hun! (don't want to scare you of course!)

    I had very bad symtoms from 6 weeks until 14 weeks (i'm now 16+3). Was sick a hell of a lot, if I wasn't throwing up I was feeling it, I had constant headaches that wouldn't go (although drinking lots of water does help hun), incredibly sore boobs and just generally felt tired and fed up. At 9 weeks we found out it was twins.... the MW said that explained the really bad symptoms (although some women get it bad with singles too),

    Try sea sickness bands for the sickness (these helped me loads) and lots of water for the headahces.... hope you feel better soon!
  • Oh babes I can so sympathise ! I was really really sick from 6 weeks until about 20 weeks (although the worst of it was gone by about 15 weeks) at one point literally everything that went down came back up !
    The only tips I can offer is sucking on ice cubes really helped me and a flat fizzy drink in the morning. I avoided tea like the plague as that was a real thrower upper ! I know some girls really found the travel sickness wrist bands you can buy from places like Boots really helped. Personally I found that not letting myself get hungry was key so I always had a small snack with me that I would nibble throughout the day.
    Hopefully for you it will end hunny, it did for me and I am now finally enjoying my pregnancy !
    I hope you feel better soon babes, if necessary though go and see your GP for some time off as sometimes the simplest cure is just sleeping !!

    MrsW 28+4
  • aww huni i totally understand how u feel this is my 5 th pg and i had never had such horrible sickness ect then wiv this 1 !! it woz sooo bad i never wanted to get out of bed ,but wiv 4 others to look after that wasnt a option!boo-hoo!! but on the up side mine started at 6weeks and stopped at around 10wk!! coz i was so worried it would carry on thoughout the whole of my pg!! so fingers crossed chick itll stop soon!
    big hugs and i really hope u feel better soon!
    luv clare

  • thank u all so much. it has made me feel like im not exaggerating how i feel right now. ive started sucking on pear drops which seems to be taking the horrid taste away so thats good. Snow Angel - im starting to panic now u said twins! haha. im def thinking of getting a band though as a lot of people on here say it helps. Thank u all so much and sorry for my moan today. Just really felt rough. feeling better this afternoon but pounding head ache still lingering. thanks again x x
  • another vote for the sickness bands from me! helped me a bit. really hope you feel better soon, it's miserable, but will stop soon!
    Ames x
    20 wks tomorrow
  • You poor thing, I haven't had any sickness yet and I really hope I don't reading this, I don't cope well with sick!

    I hope you get better soon, just keep thinking it will all be worth it in the end.

    I blame the marmite personally lol!!
  • thanks Ames and babybooboo. Really hope u dont get it babyboo. its awful. i know i shouldnt but im really hoping these next 4/5 weeks will hurry up so i can enjoy being pregnant! haha - i did Love Marmite but now im not too keen after this morning! x x
  • Hehe sorry hun didn't wanna scare ya!! My Dad's partner was joking about how it could be twins (just like this) and it was.... it was funny telling her she was right! :lol: Good luck with the symptoms, remember drink more water for those headaches - it works honest!! xx
  • thanks SA will try drinking more water. little and often as they say! are these twins your first? hehee - on my ward in hospital when i had my DD i had two ladies having twins and it was soo funny. We were all being induced. one minute one of cried and we all then cried. another minute one of us laughed and we all then laughed and then we all needed wees. it was hilarious. we all ended up having emergency c-sections on the same night and still stay in touch to this day. they did say mind you that twins is a handful but they love them both dearly and wouldnt change them for the world. both had a boy and a girl. x x
  • Yeah they are my first and it was a big shock at our first scan!! :lol: we're used to the idea now though, they are non-id so i'd love one of each! xx
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