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wen do u start showing

hi everyone im 8+1 weeks this will be my second child. can anyone tell me wen i will start showing i know it sounds stupid coz ive already bin through it once but i really cant remember
thnx donna x x


  • Everyone's different. But I remember showing when I was 5 months gone after we came back from holiday - I did have a slight bump, but I wore a bikini and no one noticed and they were gobsmacked when I said I was 4 1/2 months gone. It was between 4&5months it just sort of popped out suddenly! I'm now 7 weeks gone with our second and I havn't started showing at all yet - even though they say you show much earlier with your second.
  • I agree with yummy mummy-every one is different. I was really big first time around but the weight was all over so it was more like being fat. Second time I was very neat and this time I have a really large bump and little extra elsewhere.

    So I have been completely difeerent shape each time!! The in between stage where you just look a bit porky is the worst!!
  • Hi,
    I am 19 + 3 weeks with my first baby and I am only just beginning to get a bump (if you can call it that). I am a bit thicker around the waist otherwise I am no different than before pregnancy. Have not put any weight on either.
    Mary +Twinkle xx
  • I am nearly 25weeks and i think i just look porky at mo, It's my first I have looked porky since about 12 weeks.
  • Im 16+4 and its clealry obvious to everyone that I am pregnant. It did have a growth spurt last weekend. I have quite a large bump and my thighs have also ballooned. Everyone's opinion of my bump is different, some say that I am small for my weeks and others think that I am massive! Trying to stay eating as healthy as possible (says I sitting here eating giant buttons whilst typing!!), although in my defence I am expecting twins....well thats what I keep telling myself anyway!!!!
  • I have felt I looked pregnant since about 16 weeks but people really started to notice about 18-19 weeks. This is my first image

    21 weeks x
  • i didnt show with my first till about 24weeks, im 16+4weeks with second and im bigger with this one as im already showing and im not eating as much this time so im shoked, im having to wear baggy clothes as no one knows yet.
    my doctor did say i would show sooner with this one as i have had a baby before.

  • thnx every1 for replyin back 2 me uve bin a great help x x x x
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