pain at one side

hi all
ive got a pain at one side it started this morning and im really concerned has anyone else had this.

think im becoming a hypochondriac do you think i shld go to docs with this its not really painful its like a stabbing pain and not bleeding.

please help


  • How far on are you? It could be your ligaments stretching but there is no harm in checking with MW/Doctor if you are worried.
  • thanks girls im only 5 weeks and a total hypochondriac just worried sonethings gonna go wrong think i will wait to see if it gets any worse

  • Hi Sez,
    This might be way off but i get really bad pains low down on one side quite a lot due to er... trapped wind! Is it possible that it could be that? It can be quite painful at times....
  • hi jamtart yes it could be that as im very windy at mo if you know what i mean lol im just a total hypochondriac at the moment

  • get checked out i had the same stabbing pain on my left side turned out to ectopic and had to have it removed . best to get it looked at. x x x x
  • well i rang my emergency doctor and he thinks its wind and constipation apparently if you have this its typical to get pain on left side so i have to take senokot felt a bit stupid but he was lovely bless him
    he did say if it gets acute pain i have to go to a&e but its a big relieve

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