Stitch-like pain??

Hi ladies.

I'm 15 weeks with twins and today have had a 'stitch' type pain on my left middle side. I'm quite slim naturally and was wondering if this might be ligament/stretching pain? Has anyone else experienced this? I'm growing a bump quite quickly as there are two but still worried.

Thanks in advance



  • It might not be the same thing, but the other day I'd been wandering round town (and really doing nothing at all strenuous) and suddenly developed a stitch. The people I was with suggested a taxi home but I said no, it'll probably wear off. So we walked home and it didn't really wear off until we got there, but it hasn't come back. Weird!

    Anyway, I don't know if that helps, but I just wanted to say that I've had a stich for no apparent reason, but it has gone and I haven't had any problems since. I hope your stitch (or whatever it is) stops bothering you soon!

    Love Astraad xx
  • i often get this and it started about 18 weeks. but i get it really low down which baffled me at first cos i always associated stitch being around the waistline but when i get it now its just above my pelvic bone, directly below my bump towards my left hip, i've had it about 10 times all in all and it can make walking quite unpleasant, but i've only ever been having a stroll round the shops etc when it happens. i asked the mw about it and she just said its perfectly normal so i'm not too worried.

  • cool thanks girls - feel a bit better now (I've been Googling it!)
  • I have had this a lot during this pregnancy and I find it tends to happen when I have been over doing things a bit. It just comes and goes tho so I tend to ignore it- it can be quite sharp tho and sometimes in both sides at once!!
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