Excess Fluid????

Hey ladies,

Had routine ante natal this afternoon and midwife commented that I was measuring large for my dates, am 32+2 but measuring 35weeks. I know I'm bigger this time but just put that down to another big baby. She thinks I might have a condition called Polyhydramnios (excessive amniotic fluid) and has referred me to the consultant next week. Like the numpty I am, I googled this as soon as I got home and am now panicking that there's something wrong with LO. Anyone else got/had this? Any comments to stop me papping for the next week very gratefully received!!



  • Hiya hun,
    I had this and found out about the same time as you, firstly STOP looking it up!! I did that and worried myself sick about it and there was no need!
    I had weekly scans from 32wks to check the fluid around the baby (fantastic getting to see lo every week!) I also seen the consultant each week so he could keep a close eye on me, basically I just had to try and rest up. At one point they talked about taking me into hospital so they could put me on bed rest (I was adamant at the time that I wouldnt go! lol) I was also told if my waters broke at home ect I was to get down on all 4's and call an ambulance as this would lessen the chance of a cord prolape. Luckily for me my waters never broke (lo was too comfy!) I ended up having a c section but it was for one or 2 reasons and a fantastic experience! I think a lot of women with this condition go on to have normal deliverys and only very occasionally do they give you a c section (unless the cord prolapses but I dont think that happens very often)
    The best advice I can offer is (hard as it is) not to worry too much and wait and see what the consultant says it could just be you are having a large baby!
    Sending loads of hugs your way and if you want to talk Im normally to be found on the Dec2007 babys forum.
    Amy xxx
  • Thanks for that! Not sure how the restings going to go, think the 2 year old might have something to say about that but we'll give it a go!!
  • I would try and rest up as mush as possible or they may insist you have bed rest in hospital depending on how much fluid you have ect. I know how hard it was for me and I didn't have the 2 yr old lol Keep me updated on how your getting on hun, good luck for the consultant next week.
    Amy xxx
  • Sorry, did speed read and reply last night as OH was demanding use of the laptop to look at car parts-bless!!
    Joseph goes to nursery one morning a week and we're going to look at another pre-school this morning that we'd like to get him into for 2 more mornings a week so that should give me a bit more time to put my feet up and do nothing. OH is v good at night, he baths and beds Joe when he gets in from work and weekends are daddy and son time which is marv!
    I'm quite lucky in that my mum's retired so we can go and camp there a lot although she's not in the greatest of health so can't cope with him on her own.
    Not as panicky last night and today as belly feels much squishier so am hoping it was partly just the way she was laying at ante-natal and the fact that they've already said she's likely to be a big un! Either that or I'm completely in denial!!
    Thanks again.
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