honeys baby

well eastenders have redeemed themselves...
as an emotional 37 week preggers lady tues left me in a right state.but watchin it now im in a state again! i get to have that experience soon and im so excited. i cant possibly imagine how overwhelming it is in those few moments.. god i hope my baby cries!!
sorry just a bit emotional now!!!


  • i was happy that baby is ok tonight i thought they would end up making baby porley in a incubator 4 days or sumin but it was really nice to have a happy ending with the baby ok after


  • yea, i cried... lol... but the end made me happy. my baby didn't cry when he was born which was frightening but the scaredness was estinguished when my little baby was staring up at me and blinking - he just must have been a bit tired lol... xx you ladies will be fine, xx
  • Oh im so happy the Eastenders script writers decided to take a night off from slashing their wrists.. after Tues episode i really thought it was gonna be a horrible one 2nite but i watched it anyway and was so relieved that they made it a happy ending.

    When my LO was born she didnt cry straight away- its very normal- they had to take her straight from me and put her on the table to clear her airways and she was absoloutely fine so dont panic if this happens (i know its easier said than done) for a split second i felt so sick when it happened but i heard the cry seconds later and it was the most amazing feeling when they put her in my arms and i soothed her.

    Anyway, Good luck to you all due soon and i will probably see you in the baby forum in no time
    Hannah xx
  • Thank goodness the baby was ok but they certainly did keep us on the edge of our seats before we found out!!

    I do still think that its all a bit much to be shown on a sunday afternoon though even the level of violence shown was a bit too graphic for my liking & thats before you even get into the emotional side of things

    Hilary x
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