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What r u looking forward to most about not being Pregnant



  • not having back ache,heartburn,achey pelvis!Bein able to c my nether regions and shave my legs with ease!walking like a human instead of a penguin!!and obviously meeting my baby girl! hanna 34 weeks xx
  • oh god all of the above! Especially sleeping how i want to not how i have to or should! Also can't wait to relax in the sun on my maternity leave with my new baby, back in my skinny jeans and wedges (yeah right!) with a white wine spritzer or 2!! Oh, and going shopping in normal clothes shops and not wearing jeans with elasticated waists!! 5 more weeks to go!!!
  • I'm looking forward to kissing and cuddling my little baby every day.
    I'm looking forward to sleeping on my tummy!!
    I'm still in heels and underwired bras.
    Strangely enough I'm looking forward to going to the gym and getting my body back.
    and like someone else said, lots and lots of sex with my gorgeous other half. I might be on this site sooner than I thought ha ha x
  • Having HOT baths! oh... I can't wait for that! & Being able to wear nice jeans & mini skirts... *she smiles thinking about it* Drinking an ice cold glass of wine in the summer breeze... being able to bend over without looking for something/someone to help me back up to eye level! haha
    being able to see and tend to my own lady garden! lol
    Sleeping on my tummy - and not feeling like i spend the night trying to roll up a hill!
    being able to handle the shops... the extra weight now.. only can manage one or two and i'm shattered! lol although have saved loads of money cause I haven't the energy to spend it lol!

    Then of course... there is being able to hold my little boys tiny little hands and kiss his little button nose.. and cuddle him up close... and fall in love!
  • Actually I'm missing my social life. We used to go out all the time. And I'm still going out, but it's not the same. I know I will probably be going out even less when we have a baby, but we'll have a baby then and I won't mind not going to the pub. Right now I'm missing going to the pub and stumbling home with chips and cheese.
    Also brie and stilton, a pint of lager, I'm missing seeing my feet and being able to paint my toenails. And being able to turn over easily in bed! S x
  • Yeah i'm missing my social life was a proper party girl before hand! and only been out once or twice since being pregnant and it's really not the same... Booo... to being designanted driver EVERYTIME lol x
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