Heartbeat Monitors????

Hi i'm 17+3,

Hubbie is paranoid about babys heartbeat, ive been ill all week (the dreaded stomach bug!) and we went to see the midwife yesterday to check the heartbeat - everything was ok, but its made me think about getting a doppler thingy that they use, has anyone got one or can recommend an alternative so we can listen to the heartbeat ourselves (just for re-assurance)

Loza n Bean xxx


  • Hi Loza.
    I've got the angel sounds doppler (bought on ebay for @ ??30). I got my own heartbeat for the first few days but once I got the hang of it, I picked up lo's. At your stage on the home use ones, its usually down by the pubic hair line (at least mine was until about 25 weeks). I think I heard it from about 16 weeks on. Highly recommended as it does put your mind at rest quite a lot!
    Hope you're feeling better now.
    Rachel. 28+1. xx
  • Hi-bebe.com - I rent a doppler for ??21.95 a month and its ace!!

    Keep it as long as you want and send it back whenever.

    Really helped settle my mind image
  • Don't forget you are coming close to being able to feel movements - then you don't need one - a hoof every so often is plenty of reassurance! Maybe renting one would be a good idea as you may find you use it very little once you feel more!

  • Hi I got the Angelsounds one as well and really recommend it - I used it all the time from 9 weeks and I promise you I got the lo's hb. Bear in mind though that your lo will start moving soon and I don't know about anyone else, but since I started getting movement (around 19 weeks) I haven't used the doppler since!

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