what does it mean...

ok a lil bit confused what does it mean when u have protien in ur urine ????


  • urm it can indicate pre eclampsia (spelling) but im sure it prob means nothing hun, x
  • hmm well she said my urine was very concentrated prob coz i hadnt been all day so i have to have it re-tested next thursday she also said they was a small amount of protien so we will see i s'pose.
  • im sure its fine, mine had keytones in it but everything was fine xx
  • thanks im sure it will be ok, they tell u these things expecting u to know what they r talking about lol
  • hi protein in your wee can be an indication of pre eclampsia but along with other symptoms as well, but protein can also be a sign of infection.. try not to worry too much i'm sure all will be ok. xxx
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