can i have a red bull?

can any 1 tell me if i can have just 1 red bull i smelled my o/h today and wanted 1 ever since i havent had 1 since ive been preg as im 22 weeks now and have been worryed bout the caffene content has any1 else had the odd red bull whilst pregas?:\(


  • You made me really want one too now!!!
    GRRRR... lol
  • i sipped 1 can over a couple of days when i was pg lol! i dunno if it is safe or not but i wasnt prepared to risk anything by drinking it all in one go but i reeaaaaallllyyyy wanted it lol! x
  • aww its horrible ive give in to temptation and had a swig lol i just red on google this woman was drinking 2 a day wen she was pregas cos she like me had 3 other children to run round after and her baby was fine i bet it was bouncing off the walls wen it was born lol she drunk it all the way through and im scared of drinking 1 can god am i being stupid or just overly cautious i dont want it 4 the energy its the taste and the smell im going nuts 4 lol xx
  • No you are definately not being stupid, to be honest I think that woman drinking that much caffiene etc throughout her pregnancy was just plain irresponsible!
    I googled it when I read this and there are some serious horror stories about it. Obviously no idea if some of them are true but if you are really craving it I am sure a mouthful isn't going to be the end of the world but I wouldn't be drinking it every day. every week even!
    I am pretty sure energy drinks, pro-plus etc are a no no for pregnancy, its just pumping stimulants into your body!
  • redbull is a stimulant full of caffine and whilst pregnant you are suppose to limit uyour caffeine intake anyways i wouldnt drink a full can i would maybe have a mouthful or so but thats it i mean what is the equilvalent of caffeine to a cup of coffee in one of those? cant be good for baby
  • Hi
    I have read that there is only the same amount of caffine in red bull as in a cup of coffee so I would say it was fine.
  • thnx hun ive red so many different things on google atleast every1 on here talks sense xxx thnk u xx
  • I have never read anywhere that it isnt safe to drink, so I would say just like coffee if your going to drink it, dont drink too much.

    I cant look at it, I had a bad experiance years ago when I used to drink it with vodka, the smell of it turns my stomach!

    Anne-Marie xxx
  • aww bless u hun i cant drink it wiv voddy its like loopy juice xx
  • It's not just the caffine in Red Bull - it is also the Taurine that you have to watch out for. I wouldn't drink more than a mouthful personally - partly because it can't be good for LO, but also because it puts such a strain on your heart (add that to the stress that Preg puts on your heart - and that can't be healthy!)

    Having said that though - I think our bodies are pretty clever, and if your's is telling you that it want's red bull, then it can't be too bad.
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