OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!

im so damn excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok this is gonna seem really silly but i just logged on here (i havent been on for a few days) and i noticed the count down to my due date is under 100 its at 99 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

arghhhhhhhhhhh i havent brought anything lol i need to get shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • How exciting!!!!! Ive still got a while to go yet before i experience that!!! Good Luck xx
  • i felt like that when i got under 200 lol you must feel amasing! lol
  • lol its exciting but really scary at the same time i keep thinking that bump has to come out of THERE???? its never gonna fit lol
  • LOL, I felt exactly the same on Sunday when mine got to 99 days...I can't belivie when I first joined I had 220 days to go and now I'm at 97...woo hoo...

    You due just 2 days after me, it's all so exciting..

  • that will be the next scary milestone 50 days!!!!!
  • I adore the countdown, i'm on 58 days now can't believe that sounds it just seems as though it's round the corner when it's 8 weeks away! Very exciting for all of us!!

    Lauren (31+6) xx
  • i love count down to im on 61 days so exciting i cant wait to have my lo. tori XX
    (31+4) 2 months 2day whoop whoop X
  • Its not silly its amazing ive got 8 days left and when i first joined this web site i had 86 days to go it flies by and ive had a rough pregnancy too. I cant beleive im going to have my own baby next week!
  • lol what happens to count down when it finishes if baby is still not ready to come out lol? x
  • Im on 77 days i cant believe how fast its going, cant wait till i hit the 50 mark!! Woop Woop
  • ive got 72days whooo!!! image
  • 36 for me and I can't wait to meet my LO!!!!! She's so active now I feel like she is already so much part of my life.
  • After just reading yours, I have quickly just looked at my count down, 44 days to go, Ive not been logged on since thursday of last week and when I say 6 weeks it seams a life time away.
  • Mine is only on 110 and I was saying to my bf this morning. Not long to go daddy. We are both first time parents. Moving into a new flat soon as well. To start our family life....

    We are having family saying we are buying everything. My mum has sent a box from South Africa weighing 10 KG. She is crazy. And I do believe if I'm not mistaken. It's only clothes!!!!
  • i'm 76 image my oh's beginning to panic n tryin to sort out my hospital bag for me! (i've been sayin i think he's going to arrive early coz both me & my brother were early, bro was born at 31 weeks n i was born at 34!!! lol so oh's prepin incase lo arrives at 31!!! lol don't think he will as thats only 2 weeks away! can see him arriving jst before easter... just like i did, parents have always insisted i wanted to see the easter bunny!! lol coz i was born the wed b4 good friday!! but on that it's only 2/3 weeks early so not too bad! got the travel cot yday for visiting my family in west sussex (we live in lancs so not really a trip you can do in a day) put it up to make sure i was as easy as it said it was going to be!! n i was like... 11 weeks max n lo's goingt o be here!!! I'm excited n fiances's beginning to panic!! lol
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