Please help, I'm terrified.

Hi guys, I've just been for my 31 week scheck up and although everything is fine the baby is lying back to back. Millie was back to back and I had the most horendous birth and she had to be take n to special care because she wasn't breathing. I've been a bit scared all along this time but I kept telling myself it would all be different and now it's not. I'm absoutley teriified and I don't know what to do. As soon as I got in the car I burst in to tears and now I feel sick and hot and shakey, I'm just so scared of having to go through the same thing again. Does any one have any idea how I can get the baby to turn?
Kerry xx


  • HI Kerry, try not too worry as there is still plenty of time for lo to turn. I know that sleeping on your left side and making sure that you are sitting up properly can help to get the baby into the right position. I have a hand out from my midwife about this at home if you want me to e-mail you later?
    Tammi xxx
  • Didn't want to read and run but I'm not much use hun.
    Speak to your midwife,she may have some ideas.
    Hope lo decides to turn for you as it sounds like you had a bad experience last time. Try to relax.xx

  • im not sure sorry hun did'nt wan read n run look up on google uve still got plenty of time so baby could change position dnt get stressed u could go into early labour n u dnt want that.hope your ok
    abbie+blubump 40+4
  • my son was back to back and while 10cm dilated he decided to try and turn which resulted in him being completely wedged in so an emergency c-section. Before this he was breech up until 37 weeks.

    You've got heaps of time for baby to turn. I am also worried this will happen again so have done a wee bit of research ( a lot of the mum's at my mother and toddler group also had the same with their first births) So you need to get a birthing ball, you need to spend a good few hours a week bouncing on it and also sleep on your left side.

    I'll google it and see if i can find anymore info.

    Try not to worry hun cos you've got heaps of time for baby to move! xxxx
  • Hi hun, sorry you are so worried and upset. It must be a scary prospect for you after the last time. My cousins baby was breech, and the she was told her to spend as much time on her hands and knees as she could, with her bottom in the air. It worked for her as baby turned, and stayed head down after. I dont know if it would work the same in your case tho hun. Contact your mw and explain your worries, and see what she can advise.

    Hope all works out and baby turns for you. Try not to worry and get upset hun (easy for me to say I know.)

  • Here are a couple of links, hope they help. Your midwife should also be able to advise you.

    sorry had to split the link cos it was making your post go under the advertisement link so just copy and paste it in the top bar.

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  • Hi, I read somewhere go down on your knees/all fours a few times a day, gives baby chance to move around - maybe lie on a bean bag and watch tv like it for a bit.... Apparently, my LO is still breech and going to try that I know it's still bit early though for me and time to move. Hugs, don't worry hun!

    chelle x
    e.d.d. 4th july
  • Cheers guys, I think it's just brought back what a horrible time I had before as I know really that he still has plenty of time to move.
    Tammi, if you don't mind the leaflet would be great. My email is [email protected]
    I've already been bouncing on the birthing ball and trying to sleep on my left as I knew that was supposed to help. Maybe I'll see if I can just stay on the birthing ball for the next 2 months!
  • Hey Bedhead, just to say like chelle said going on all fours and crawling around your living room and rocking forward and back whilst on all fours works wonders. it bloody difficult getting down their when your massive but i found it worked wonders. My gran (who had 6 babys) recommended it she used it with all her babes and they all turned. Ive started crawling around already apparently the more time you spend on the floor the better. good luck xxDBxx

  • Easier send than done but try not to worry. At 31wks ur baby still has plenty of time to change position. If nearer the time baby is still back to back then the midwives will advise u on positions u can try to turn baby around. I heard that getting on all fours with ur bum in the air is a gud one. I know exactly wat u mean about not wanting a back to back birth tho, coz my son turned so he was back to back during labour and it made it really painful (in my back) and he ended up been delivered by em section. Sure everything will be fine tho. Kerry xxx

  • Yeah I head what doublebubble said also go on all fours and rest your head forward onto your hands and also stand feet apart and lean forward onto a chair if you get me, it just gives more room to turn.

  • hey babe, sope you are feeling a bit calmer,

    like everyone else has said the crawling on all fours is definately supposed to help (I spend a good 10min doing this at my preg yoga classes and one of the girls in my class had a breech baby at 37 weeks, she crawled around everyday for 10 min and the baby turned four days later). Though obviously getting down adn up can be fun!!!

    Also my cousin who is a midwife recommended acupuncture as a good proven method of turning the baby.

    like you said sleeping on your left also helps.

    fingers crossed babe, and if i hear/see/think of anything else I'll let you know.

    also my yoga class people do a birth rehersal where they help you emntally prepare for your labour, and its is really supposed to be helpful in helping you feel in control and ease worries especially if you've had a bad experience before.

    lots of hugs,
    em xxxx
  • My baby isn't back-to-back but my mw told me that from 30 weeks I shouldn't be leaning back or slouching, always sitting up straight to encourage a good position. All fours is supposed to be good as well - scrubbing the kitchen floors is what our grandmothers used to do lol and is supposedly very effective! xxx

  • aww hun, hopefully lo will turn but ive heard burning incence on your little toe can turn a baby, speak to your mw about it. if your really scared would you be able to request a c-sec if lo doesnt turn?
    )))))))sending turny vibes your way!(((((((
    shaz xxx
  • Hi Kerry have just e-mail that info to you as promised. Anything else then just let me know! Tammi xxx
  • Thanks Tammi, I'll check my email in a min and see if it's there.
    Shaz, I'm actually nearly as worried about the idea of having a section! Don't like the idea of someone rummaging around in my insides and the thought of trying to entertain my toddler if we cant't go out in the car anywhere is not good one lol.

    I'm starting to feel a lot calmer now so thank you everyone for all your ideas. Hopefully I can persuade him to turn but if not I guess I'll just have to cope!
    Kerry xx
  • Mumtomya&aiden, you have no idea how much better reading that has made me feel!! There is a big difference between midwives telling you that 2nd babies usually turn and actually beliving them so it is really good to her from someone that it actually happened to.
    Kerry xx
  • aww true, didnt think about that!
    id speak to your mw about the incence though but i think its sposed to turn breech babies but u never know.
    glad your feeling better about it now and i hope baby turns and you have a good experience this time
  • Hi hon - you might want to try some reflexology - I've had a couple of friends that had really good results with this - make sure you go to one that has treated pg women with this before though.

    Good luck honey - as others have said, 2nd babies can change position very very late!

  • hi bedhead my babies were both back to back 1st turned during labour n got stuck at the shoulders not fun!!! so with the 2cnd mw said to sit on a hard floor really straight if u can feel ur boney bit (coxix???) then ur in the best position to encorage baby round xxxx hope this helps
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