Tummy Pains, are they normal?

Hello all, I've just joined the sight and think its fab! But need to know if anyone has had the same as what im getting? Im only 5weeks pregnant but I have this constant stomach ache! Anyone else had this or know what it is? xx


  • Hi and welcome to the site.
    Congrats on you pregnancy. Is this your first?

    I think the odd cramping and twinges ar pretty normal as its indicating stretching of the uterus etc.
    I am 6+5 and have had the odd cramp here or there and constantly panic. I had such a bad pain about 10 days ago i feared the worst but turned out i just need the loo (sorry tmi)
    If you are worried about anything then i dont think there is any harm in contacting your surgery just to put your mind at rest.

  • i was exactly the same. i'm 6 wks 2 days and i've had quite alot of crampy , period like pains. it's normal to worry. i went to the doctors and she assured me everything was fine,and that it is normal with some people to get these pains. i bought the pregnancy countdown book on e bay and that book outlines getting these type of pains. it definately put my mind at rest. mine were definately at their worst around 5 weeks, but are definately less frequent now . hope this helps x
  • Welcome to Babyexpert hun!
    i had these from finding out at 4 weeks until about 7weeks, doc assured me they were just ligaments around the uterus stretching to prepare for the baby.
    its normal to worry about every twinge and cramp in the first months, this site is a life-saver when you want some instant re-assurance!!
    Lis, 33.4 weeks x
  • Thanks to everyone that replied, I feel much better now I know others have had it too. I think I shall have tot buy the book mentioned. This site is a brilliant resourse to have xxx
  • I've had them too untill I was around 9 weeks I think, I'm 13 weeks now :\) My GP told me it was safe to take paracetamol if I was , although I never did cause they were just twinges mostly and sometimes mild period pains. I also found they varied which side, sometimes it was left and other times it was right and then it was in the middle!! I used to go for a few days at a time without having any as well....

    I have heard some girls suffer all the way through and get pain when they should be due their period.

    Good luck xxx
  • Hi,

    Snuck on to read this as been having pains.

    Thanks for all the superb information.

    Will also be buying book mentioned.

    Thank you

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