had a bad scare over weekend!

hi,all,on friday,mw rang me and told me too come in and see her, she told me my iron levels had dropped to 7.8 and was severly low and my platelets (blood) had gone from really high to low they sent me to hostpical and had baby moniterd and numerous of test, had to stay overnight has they thought my placenta was de-taching, they even mentioned internal bleeding. and tested me also for pre elapsia, on sunday i had repeated tests, after waiting around all day! in the labour suite,listning to women give birth!!! v scary,i was told that they must have made a mistake with my blood results,coz my iron low but not that low and my paltelets are still quite highish 438,

i was soo mad after worring all weekend for them to tell me they may hav made a mistake coz my results dont add up! im now on iron tablets and been told to take it easy and i will be having extra blood test just to be sure!

glad me and lo are fine now. hope everyone les are great! love hayley xxxx 30 + 1


  • The NHS just make u wana scream dnt they? How awful for u 2 have to go thru all that, then in the end be told "oh we must have made a mistake", idiots. At least all is okay tho and u can continue ur pregnancy knowing that all is fyn. Kerry xxx
  • What an awful scare, like pregnancy isnt hard enough with worries etc, but at least you and baby are ok! thats the main thing.

    Also at least it shows how quickly they come into action if they think there is a problem, kinda reasurring in an odd way?!?!
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