Raspberry Leaf

Evening Gilies!

I'm 38 weeks tomorrow and have raspberry leaf tablets which I have had for ages. For some reason I feel a little afraid to take them as I can't find much credible medical research about them and the pros and cons anywhere.
Anyone have any advice on how many should be taken and positive or negative experiences that they are happy to share with me? I'd be grateful for your thoughts.

Thanks muchly


  • Hey helion dont know much but do know that my sis was taking them from 36weeks and was taking 1 a day both her los came within a day or 2 of her due date but couldnt really say if the tabs had anything to do with it? Not much help i know but good luck with your decision and even more for the birth.image
  • raspberry leaf doesn't bring on labour, it tones ur muscles to make contractions more effective and that makes labour quicker...

  • My midwife told us last week at our antenatal to check with your midwife or dr before taking any herbal medicines esp raspberry leaf tea as it can make your blood pressure rise so they dont recommend it for women who already have a high blood pressure! As this can bring on pre eclampsia. Hope this helps x
  • they've only started saying this since a study was done that was shown recently on This Morning, until then they were saying it's absolutely fine and there was no reported problems...these studies are just there to scare us, i'm sure x
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