i am scared!!!!

I have wanted children for as long as i can remember, always loved kids and even became i primary school teacher to work with kids. When my hubby proposed in 2006 ever since then i couldnt wait to start to TTC and i think ive always been broody if thats possible?

Anyway, we started trying last month after our wedding n we were blessed 1st month with BFP!!! I feel so lucky BUT...

I am so scared as well!!!! I keep getting thoughts in my head like 'am i ready to have a baby?'. I know i am. Our relationship is fantastic, really solid, we are financially ok, we r home-bodies n love having a family life with our puupy and ive always - always wanted a baby but in my head i still feel 15!!!
I know having a baby will be the most amazing thing ever to happen to me and its something i always wanted but its such a life changing experience...maybe im scared of change??? Is it normal to feel like this??? Is it becasue it happened so quickly??? Am i a terrible person??


  • Hi Mrscox
    Its normal to feel like that, but you will be fine. Its prob cos it happened straight away for you and its taking a while to sink in! Congrats on your BFP!
    Sharon x

  • Sounds totally normal to me too and i already have a 2 yr old just keep thinking how will we cope with 2 and worrying we wont have enough time to share between them, but it will all be fine people do it every day of the week
    just think positive, love melissa 36+6
  • Don't underestimate the effects of your hormones, either!

    I've been getting very tearful since I got my BFP and very emotional too. I get moments of "Oh god, if I have to have 12 hours sleep now, how will I cope with a baby" even though rationally I know I'm only tired now because I'm pregnant.

    I think we all have moments of doubt. But that doesn't make you a bad human - it just makes you human. I bet you had moments before you started teaching wondering if you could do it, didn't you? But you know really that you're good at that, and getting better all the time? I bet motherhood is just the same.
  • Hi MrsCox

    Firstly, congratulations on your BFP! I felt just like this when I fell pregnant on our 1st month of trying. I think I was so shocked because I thought it would take so much longer after coming off the pill. It'll take a while to sink in, but I'm sure you'll soon feel excited too! I'm almost 23 weeks now and am still a little nervous as it's our first baby and I probably don't know quite what to expect, but I'm also very excited.

    Sarah xx
  • I think your just normal. I still feel like i'm 17 most days, wishfull thinking i guess! I don't feel grown up enough to look after a tiny baby theres so many thing to think of but i do know 100% that i'll love it and thats what matters the most

    I had a panic that we wouldn't be able to go travelling to new zealand the other week, i had images of me and hubby in our seventies trying to climb mountains to see the scenery! The truth is even if we didn't have a baby on the way we wouldn't be off to new zealand anyway coz it's just a dream.

    I don't think that having children stops you doing to much anyway, if you've got a dog then you'll be restricted anyway.



  • yeah its normal all my life all i ever wanted to be was a mummy but when i got pregnant i was terrified i wasnt ready that i wasnt ready that i was some how going to mess it all up. even now im pregnat with my third i still get worried im not ready for another kid x
  • It makes me feel better all you ladies have felt like this. I have wanted a baby for as long as I can remember and like you, was blessed to fall pregnant in our first month TTC. Im 5 months now and i am so scared i wont be a good mum, wont know how to take care of the baby, will miss being able to do what i want and when i want.

    Im starting to realise it is natural to feel like this, even tho it doesnt stop me worrying. I dont know about you but i also get horrible dreams where i leave the baby somewhere and cant find it. I hate talking about it too because i feel guilty and think people will assume i dont want the baby but i do.

    I think we all understand exactly where you are coming from and there is nothing wrong feeling like this. All my friends have said once you have that baby you will love it like you never thought you could love something and your mummy instinct will just kick in.

    Good luck with your pregnancy xxx


  • I'm gald to read this thread! feeling fairly petrified about the whole thing (keep getting moments of pure panic out of the blue even though I'm so happy to be pg) and at least now I know it's normal, lol!! x
  • I can completely relate to this thread. I've just turned 29 and I still feel like I'm 17! We got married and fell pregnant at the same time - the baby was a complete surprise! I am now 6 months pg.

    I have always dreamed of being a mum and was so excited to have met my wondeful husband and got married as this meant for me that we could look forward to being parents... but I keep thinking about all the things that will be different after the baby is here and all the things we wont be able to do e.g. take off travelling round the world, do exactly what we want when we want, sleep!!!, etc.

    For me I think its the surprise factor that makes me think so much about things we will miss, for example we didnt even get the chance to go out for a romantic dinner (with wine!!!) since our honeymoon before we found out we were expecting. We havent been married 5 mins and already things will change beyond all recognition.

    Having said all this I am so excited to meet my baby and feel quite confident about being a mum. I know my husband will be a fabulous dad so we will be ok and will probably find that we love each other even more! The idea of us being 'a family' is way more exciting than any trip or night out!

    We'll all be fine, despite our worries. I'm sure its all as wondeful as people say! We are all very lucky.

    Best of luck all x x x
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